What changes your beliefs and your inner dialogue very much depends upon what you repeatedly tell yourself. It is the inner self talk that determines what you do, and ultimately what you become. Because, eventually, what you become depends on what you think and do, and what you do depends on what you believe you can do.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can‘t – either way you’re right. ~ Henry Ford

More often it is just about self-belief, it is just about having the courage to face challenges and trusting oneself against all odds. If you are looking for encouragement on the outside, you are only wasting your time. If you are looking for validation from your past experiences, you are only limiting your possibility.

The human spirit is all-powerful, it can overcome all the limits of your body and mind.

If you can subconsciously make yourself believe in a possibility – there will be no trouble in making it come to pass. Yet even then, our logical mind puts up all the ways why things won’t work out. It sets off all the false alarms controlled by fear of failure, ridicule, and embarrassment. But the only way to get your logical mind to believe or even consider a new idea is through the repetition of information. Affirmations.

There have many miraculous breakthroughs by the use of affirmations. Sick people have been healed, deformed men have come to shape, poor men have become rich, voiceless men have begun to speak. All of this through the repetition of information in their minds. Over and over unto themselves until the affirmation had become a reality.

If you ever get an opportunity, read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Dr Joseph Murphy, or if you have read it already read it again. It will open up new possibilities for you. It might as well change your life. Whatever circumstances you dream of, or think of things that are beyond your grasp, are ever within your reach. Make use of affirmations and step into a new light. Make a statement or a prayer, hold onto it, affirm it at all times and watch it weave itself into your reality – almost effortlessly.

It is a great science of mind and you are ever free to experiment with it. Make use of affirmations and step into a new light. The highest life awaits you.

Nuggets: Vision

If you’ve got a dream, if you’ve got a vision, you have to find a way to remind yourself of it every day. The comings and goings of daily life, the deadlines and busy schedules will distract you from your vision. Sometimes, you cannot even help it, a lot of urgent things seem to come up and you’re soon spending all your time and energy putting out the fires. It is actually a very common thing.

But what separates the achievers, the go-getters, the successes from the rest is that they keep their vision before them at all times, even through hard times.

What is it that you dream of?
Make time for it every day.
Relive your vision, think upon it, act on it – every day.

You can’t afford not to.


Are you really alive?
Or are you just surviving?

If you really were living your life, you wouldn’t be complaining!
So, ask yourself, are you really alive?
Or are you just surviving?

Stop feeling so powerless.
Stop limiting yourself with tainted beliefs.
You are blessed with powers so great and astounding that you could do great, incredible things that others would call miracles. You could be a god in human form.

Yet you fail to believe in your power.
You fail to believe in yourself, in your potential, in what’s possible.

I get it.
You’ve lived among the humans far too much.
You have forgotten your divine self.
You have constructed limits as to what’s possible.
And then made yourself believe that you are not enough, that you are not worthy!

Yes, I understand.
The part about having to forget your divine-self was essential.
But now that you have, isn’t it time to reclaim your grand powers?

Stop suffering life.
It is a grand opportunity to recognize your divine potential, and once again fall in love with yourself. It is a chance to consciously become aware of your divine nature. What a great possibility it is.

What would it take to turn your life around?
What would it take to live the life of your dreams?

Whatever it is, what if I told you it is all possible within a matter of two years, or even just one, or maybe even a week or a day! One touch of the divine favor could change it all for you. That’s all it takes. And all you must do is keep believing.

Man is capable of changing his life at any moment if they so choose. But for a change to manifest, for a greater possibility to come to fruition, he must believe. He must have faith that it is all possible.

And how does a man believe in things he does not yet see?
By trusting himself, by trusting the voice from within that speaks.

You are not as powerless as you may think.
You have been gifted with great powers.
You can be, have, and do anything that you may wish.

Only that you think you can not.
Only that you think you are worth not.

It’s time to remember your divine potential.
It’s time to remember who you are, and what you can do!

Wake up!
The miracles are waiting for you!

Nuggets: Face your fears

Do not be moved by impending circumstances.
Do not fear.

They are illusions in the mind and have no real consequences.
Most of the things you fear in life never happen anyway.

But for those which do.
You will know that they are not as intimidating as they seem.
Face them, run towards them, and they shall disappear right before your eyes.

Your vibrational signature

All things will happen in their own accord.
You would not have to lift a finger.
It shall be done unto you.
It will be effortless.

Let it go.
Let life flow through you.
Do not push, or pull or struggle against.
Release it all and let all things come to you.

Your job is to be mindful of your emotions.
To be mindful of your feelings.
To observe it fair and square.
And assert your choosing.

Choose the good.
All the happiness, health and wealth.
And so will it be drawn unto you, in time.
Be mindful of vibrational signatures you put out.

Every moment of every second counts.
Every thought, every feeling, every breath counts.
You can completely redesign your life if you chose to.
Only that you don’t.

You are too deluded.
You are too distracted.
You have not lived a day of focus.
You have not made the essential effort.

Just sit still for a while, give up all that chase for glory.
Drop your self, your aims and ambitions still.
And surrender in peace to the all divine.
And love in your heart fill.

Let it all go.
Find that silent space within you.
The endless peace and bliss you hold.
Seek it and find, and all you’ve believed will be true.

Sit back and breath in the fresh breath of life.
The life so readily made available to you.
Create your own joy and bliss.
That which can do so few.

Life awaits you, open and fair.
It belongs to those who would dare.
Stop not in your tracks and curse the tiding.
When you can build a ship for all your riding.

Be still and observe.
Mind what you think, feel and do.
And see the vibrational story that you impart.
For as you give forth, so shall it be brought to you back.

Love without conditions

Love from an open heart.
Love without judgement.
Love without expectations.

This is all an ocean of love. We are all beings of love.
It is love which breathes life into us.
It is love which sustains us.

Love everyone and love everything.
There is nothing but love.
It is all there is.

Give thanks for all the things you love.
See the love in everything.
And see everything in love.

What men live by is just love.
The love of all things good and healthy.
The love of life and growth.

A man may see fear in his heart.
But it is not so, indeed it is not fear.
It is just the absence of love.

So build not walls around your heart.
Let love flow in as it will.
And all your fear shall disappear.

The light of love is all around us.
It is there even in the darkness.
It is there with you all the time.

What we need is a little allowing.
A little letting go, a little dropping off.
A little accepting of the soul.

Letting go of your ego.
Dropping off your assumed roles.
Surrendering to what is.

Not pushing, not pulling.
Not force, no effort, no strain.
Just allowing and learning to flow.

And all things that grow.
There is love in there that makes it happen.
There is love here, there is love now.

There is love in every dust.
In every petal, and every grain.
There is love and nothing more.

Break your heart open.
Fill it with the love of light.
Love yourself and love the other.

You are worthy, you are enough.
You are love, so you deserve love.
Teach love and be love.

One day it will all make sense.
Love from an open heart.
Love without conditions.

It is possible


Don’t have time.
Don’t have money.
Don’t have energy.
Don’t have resources.

Just excuses sitting there.
Keeping you well within your comfort zone.
And away from what you really want.

There is nothing you cannot accomplish.
There is nothing you cannot do.
All you need is a why strong enough.
A desire and a passionate why behind it.

Don’t play it small, gratified by the little things,
dare to demand the greater things,
and put a dent in the universe, make your mark.

You have highly undervalued yourself.
And you know why?

It is because you have never really known yourself.
You have never had the full awareness of your innate abilities.
Your talents and skills, your strengths and uniqueness.

If you could change your life and do exactly what you wanted to do,
would you do it?

Well, you can.
Anything you can imagine is possible.
Anything that you dream of is out there waiting for you.
Therefore, dare.

However, awkward or uncomfortable may it feel,
however embarrassing and futile it may seem,
dare, get rid of your excuses and take the first step.

It is possible that on your journey you may encounter a thousand failures.
Do not be overwhelmed by them, for you get better with each.
The failures are the lessons which can help you grow.
The failures are the seeds which in the future can bear your fruits.

Choose what it is that you want.
No goal is too big.
No dream too unrealistic.
Decide what it is you want, and go after it with all your fire.

It is possible.

Your mind will come up with the most elaborate set of excuses,
as to why you cannot do it, why it is so difficult.
Especially after repeated instances of failure,
and it will ask you for a compromise, but don’t give in.

This is where great dreams are laid down for mediocrity,
and great lives disappear even before they are conceived.

Don’t give in.
Dare to dream your boldest dreams.
And make it happen.

Because it is possible.