Drop your delusions

Unless you are free from your fantasies unless you have overcome your yearning for sense pleasures and external validation, you will not be able to see the higher plane of possibilities that lie dormant within you.

The miracles to the common mind that you may perform, the power that you may express if you would let go of the delusion of a life that you are living in – mistaking false for real.

As and when you can, make a sincere attempt to listen to the inner voice within you. Try to be still, try to quiet the chatter of the mind, and let your inner voice speak. You are not just a man, you are a god living among men – and yet you know it not. So, as long as you do not recognize your true nature, you will only identify yourself as a man, as your worldly identity.

Wake up!
You are here to express your divinity. You are here to discover yourself, you are here to realize who you are, you are here to see yourself in all your glory. You are the universe. You have total control over all in your life. If you’d so wish you could make anything come about in this physical place. It is only because you are so lost in delusion, that you fail to recognize your powers, that you fail to believe in all the possibilities, that you think you have limits.

You don’t need no ground of evidence, your senses delude you as it is, all you have to do is believe – and anything is possible. All things big or small, all circumstances good and bad, all creation is produced in the mind – the seat of all creation.

Your mind is capable of originating an idea and bringing it to life. You may imagine a thing, anything, and make it come to pass. But to do that, you need to shed all your delusion and communicate your idea(s) to the All Mind, the dormant all-pervasive intelligence behind your rational thinking mind.

That’s your only job, to have access to this All Mind. For once you have access to this All Mind, you may at will decree a thing – and it shall be brought to pass.

Find your path.
Drop your delusions.

Nuggets: To have lived

Time is slipping by. Second by second. Minute by minute.
Don’t you see it?

Life is too short to live like this.
Miserable and lifeless.
Without fire and zest.

Yet, you ask what of it?
What’s there of harm living motionless, within comfort?

O! Harm you may see none.
But ask yourself, are you living at all?

Life will be what you make of it.
All the adventures you didn’t embark upon, all the chances you didn’t take.

Does it make you feel better to sit in darkness and without life?
Or does it fire you up going out there battling the sea of fate?

The timid soul is none, your soul would raise that fire within you if would just allow for its expression if you would just quiet your mind and listen to its calling.

To have lived in the sidelines is not to have lived at all.
Tame the seas, breathe the fire, and a life you shall have lived!

When there is no enemy within

The world without is just a reflection of the world within. If the world within is in chaos, the world without will reflect the same as well. Do not go about seeking to change conditions in the world outside, look within and allow the inner stillness to calm it all.

When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do you no harm.
~ African proverb

There is a place within you where there is perfect stillness. Where there is no time, no space, no past, no future. Quiet your mind and spend as much time as you can in this state of stillness. Where nothing matters and where everything is taken care of.

And once you have reached this stillness, create your life anew, from this spring of vast emptiness create the kind of life you would like to live if only in your imagination. Vividly see, feel, and live the experiences you would love to encounter, the ideal circumstances in your life that you’d appreciate and be grateful for.

It is all possible. It is all potential.
Anything is possible, anything can happen!

The life you live is only a projection of your own thoughts, beliefs, and ideas. It is only because you hold a certain paradigm of beliefs in your consciousness that you think, act, and live in a certain way and thus, your life reflects exactly that. And as your actions so are your results.

If your thoughts, or beliefs differed even slightly you’d think differently, act differently, and live a different lifestyle. And the good news is you are in charge. You have the power to choose your thoughts and actions and create the life you wish to live, instead of accepting the judgments of others or conclusions from outwardly appearances.

Yes, you can do anything, you can be anything. There is creative space within you, a creative canvas so vast that you can paint realities of a thousand lifetimes on it. This space of creative stillness is within you, it is there at all times, waiting for you settle from the chaos and sink into its vast magnificence.

Seek this inner world. Paint your grandest ideals upon it.
Because that is what will manifest in the world you see, through your thoughts and actions, and as your life.

Nuggets: Imagination

Imagination is a great skill. It is the only skill which you use to attract events and circumstances in your life, whether consciously or unconsciously. Use it well and it shall bring you fortunes undreamed of and realities unthought of.

The thought is the instrument which gives form to life. It shapes and molds the Universal Substance into that which you hold in your mind. So use it well, imagine great things, and make wonders happen in this world.

This great power that you have been entrusted with can shape your life and build your destiny! Take command and make use of it for good. Build your life from your highest ideals.

Like Einstein once said, Imagination is everything, it is the preview of life’s coming attractions.

What we give

There is a power out there, the life force, the Universal Consciousness permeating through all space and matter. It is there in every cell of your body in every molecule and atom. Or to be more accurate, every cell and molecule in our body is in it.

Just like the fish lives in the ocean but do not know what water is. They cannot distinguish the medium they live in. It is all around them, yet they see it not, know it not.

Such is the field of energy of the Universe, it is all around us. We live, breathe, and thrive within it, yet we see it not, know it not. It is the life force that sustains us. This field of pure consciousness is alive and active, it is sensitive to the highest degree.

And we have the power to use it to our good and the good of all. Our thoughts and emotions influence the thought field around us, and the energy that we put out into the open is exactly what is brought to us back amplified. And thus, you may reap a fortune if you choose, or not, it all depends upon how you influence the sphere around you.

If your heart is pure, if you stay on your path of righteousness, there is no doubt your destiny shall be glorious. For the things you receive in life, both good or bad, are only returns of your own sowing, results of your own thinking and actions.

Just like gravity, the life principle doesn’t take sides. It preserves the perfect balance between creation and fruition. It brings to man exactly as he chooses to give expression, in thought, word, and deed. So mind what you put out into the Universe. Guard your thoughts and emotions with all your life. Be the best you can be and give your best to others. Give out love, joy, laughter, offer gratitude, trust, serenity, hope and all the good things, and all the good things shall come to you.

This is a good life y’all.
Live it well!

Little moments

It is only when you stop – the little moments when you look out the window, the moments when you feel the raindrop on your face, when you smell the fresh flowers of the morning or see the sun set – is when you allow the rapture of life to kindle within you.

It is in the quiet moments, in the recesses of busy-living, are the little gems of life that give us a glimpse of how beautiful every moment of this journey could be. We must begin to open our eyes to all the good things. We must appreciate the things we love and learn to express it freely.

The radiant ecstasy of life is open to one and all. Wake up a little early, watch the sun rise, take more coffee breaks, spend an evening in the park, watch the kids play, take the moments out to feel and enjoy the depth of ecstatic joy waiting to be expressed.

Talk to people, be a little vulnerable, trust despite the fear, make genuine connections, and share your being, totally. This life is so beautiful. Look at the green leaves, how gently the snowflake falls, how candidly the little child giggles. Go to a bookstore and smell the books, feel the texture of the paper. Grab a cup of coffee and feel its warmth.

Oh, we have so much in our lives. It’s time we delay our sleepwalking for a while and appreciate the little moments that make our days and life! Let us appreciate the kind words we’ve heard, let us also appreciate the hurtful times which made us who we are.

Notice how it feels to be alive, to be able to experience so many emotions, to be able to grasp the beauty and magnificence of every little thing. How wonderful it is.

Don’t let life pass you by.
Stop for a while.

Seek out the little moments, they may just unbind your unconditional joy!

Let go!

Let go!
Be at peace.

Drop the burden of expectations.
Leave behind the plans and objectives you hold onto.
And only for a moment just be.

Life will pass you by.
It will pass you by so quick that you might not live it in fact.
And how exactly are you supposed to enjoy the journey if you never look out to the sunsets that come by, and the snowflakes dropping from the grey sky?

The soul in you seeks out to grow.
It needs nourishment, it needs love, it needs its food.
And it is there in all things big or small, in all that is good and beautiful.

It doesn’t need fame, money, or prestige. These are the food for the ego!
Be not deluded by them. And as you grow, you will see that they are just a means to an end. The only true fulfilment is in the growth of the soul.

May you want good things, may you gather things of grace and beauty, may you do good deeds with your influence, so that it may fulfil you.

Let go!
Do not despair or rage.
Do not act with an ill will.
Let go of any agenda, theory, impression, belief, and be at peace in this moment.
Let go! For you are taken care of!

All that chasing, all the pushing against, all the brute force, cannot match the graceful strength and influence of one’s inner peace and calm. It is the seat of creation. It is the source of light to the seizing darkness.

So drop your identities, your conditioning, and paradigms.
Surrender your judgements and inhibitions.
And just for a moment exist in peace.

It’s all that simple.
There is nothing to go out and grab.
Let go. And the truth will come find you!