Kiss the world goodbye

On matters past, On regrets that lie,
On little-known truths, waiting to die,
On buried beliefs, crippled and shy,
On times present and those gone by,
I have lived again.

On dreams a many, and palace toft,
On universe and the clouds soft,
On goals too great, firm or loft,
On lost thoughts in time too oft,
I have slipped again.

The thousand eyes who judge you then,
Who test your worth, not knowing why,
Be not afraid to stand out, be laughed at,
Such times are a test but soon shall fly.
And when you have had enough of the rules,
And have had enough of every selfless lie,
You would know what you are worth,
And it’d be time to kiss the world goodbye.
To live, To see, To love, To cry,
To make the heaven in you survive.

Firefly among the stars

I see light in the depth of darkness,
I see my pain inexistent,
I lay bare chest void of all sickness,
And my eyes seek the distant.

The shine of a rock of the mountains,
The shine of the water beyond the waves,
White spread over the hollow,
Among them many a king and slaves.

I wonder how ignorant could I be,
To have missed the gifts of sight;
For the decorations are by all means done,
Waiting for all to celebrate right.

The figures of warriors, and boxes,
And shapes unknown perceived.
The lightning serves an enchanted feel,
All epics and legends believed.

Boy! O, boy! How hard to express,
The wonders of the world beyond,
The glamour, the shine, and the truth
Seen heard felt in a moment’s bond.

To live to see the day and find nested dreams,
To live to indulge in the awe of crafted dots,
O universe, touch me again with all your stars,
For I am just a firefly among your thoughts.

The Universe as You

If you are alive, you are here for a purpose.
There is some work that you are to accomplish.
It doesn’t have to be something great, or unusual.

Yet it can be significant.
Your existence itself is the purpose.
That you breathe and live this life in whatever way you choose to do so.

There is God living within you.
Your body is the temple of the living God.
Be more kind. Help more people. Choose love above all and shine.

There is power taking care of you.
It will not fail you, it cannot.
You may feel separate from it.
But in truth you never are.

Don’t be afraid.
Turn back to your fear.
See it without judgment.
And watch it fade away.

There is love unconditional and there is the limitless joy for you!
All the happiness you can imagine is there waiting for you.
But your fears have clouded your mind.
And have distracted you from your true nature.

Your fears have blinded you.
You can no longer feel the deeper truth.
Nor can you see yourself as a part of it.

Unless you attempt to.

Go into the stillness.
Go into the silence.
Say nothing.
Do nothing.
Be nothing.

And the Universe will reveal itself as you.
You will cry tears of ecstasy.
You will lose your breath in laughter.

It is all so very simple.
Yet we choose to entertain our distractions.
Thinking they will help us survive.
Thinking they will bring us happiness and fulfillment.
Logically choosing safe over faith.

Drop everything.
And be still.

Go into the silence.
Say nothing.
Do nothing.
Be nothing.

And the Universe will reveal itself as you.
There is God living within you, as you.
Your existence itself is the purpose.

Didn’t you figure all of this out already?

Be still

Learn to become still.
Stillness will lead you to peace.

Do you ever notice?
Ever notice how your mind is running all the time?
How it is draining you of your joy and inner peace?
How your psychological prison is running the show?

Take a moment to yourself.
Drop everything, suspend your commitments.

Make time for yourself.
You are more important.

Take a deep breath.
Sit still, and just be.
Let the world go by as it may.
Sit still, and give it no heed.

You are life.
And to live your life to the full, you must first know it well.
You must know who you are!

Know yourself, and you shall see that,
the circumstances which you call life,
are just a by-product of your own thinking.
It is not real. Not at all.
And that if you change your thinking,
you shall change your life.

We are so occupied with our anxieties and fears,
that we do not even realize that, in the process,
we only create more of it.
We must seek the silence once in a while, in fact, daily,
to take back the creative specter in our hands.

We must learn to be still.
So that we may snap out of our toxic states at will.

The peace and fulfillment aren’t out there.
They are within you.

If you’d only allow it they’d blossom with ease.
Be still, be still.

All the emotional baggage you have been dragging with you,
all the pain and hurt you have been hiding in you,
all the grudges you have been holding on to,
serve you no longer. It’s time to let them go.

Much easier said than done, yet it can be done!

Empty yourself of all your worries.
Allow your greatest fears to settle.
Quiet your mind.
Be still.

You will find peace.


You are in a cocoon.

The growth of your soul is through the struggle.
Your evolution is through the fight.

The deep slumber is not comforting all, even though it may appear to be. Your soul seeks to fly and go all out. It seeks the highest expression of its grandeur. It is restless to go out and be.

But it must wait.

The little shoot must wait, the root has to go deep first. The shoot wants to express itself as blooming flowers with enchanting fragrance.

But it must wait.

You are in a cocoon.
Fear not. Lose not hope.

The aim of your soul is too great, and so is your suffering.
Yet now you must demonstrate a great patience.
Let your wings develop, allow your limbs to grow ever strong.

Embrace it.
Embrace the struggle in good faith.
It’s all working out in your own favor.

You are not deserted out in the wild.
You are just being taught to find your own way!

The great powers within you are being extracted.
Your evolution is allowed to take effect.

There is no glory without a struggle.
There is no victory without a fight.
Embrace it with no fear, embrace it right.

You are a god waiting to be.
You just don’t know it yet.

You are in a cocoon.

The growth of your soul is through the struggle.
Your evolution is through the fight.

The deep slumber is not comforting all, even though it may appear to be. Your soul seeks to fly and go all out. It seeks the highest expression of its grandeur. It is restless to go out and be.

But it must wait.

I know, it has been hard, and it’s getting worse by the day.
But without the mother virtue, it’s not worth it either.
Let patience build you inside out and bring out the best in you.
I know, it hurts, that you have been broken.
But it’s not over yet.

If the roots go deep, let it!

What we sow

Fear not, for fear is an illusion,
It will rob you of your good days.
A dawn for every dusk will come,
No matter what the cynic says.

The fear in you is real, so real,
You wouldn’t believe otherwise,
Yet, trust if you will for a while
in self, above it you will rise.

The more you struggle it pulls,
And the more you fight it wins,
But once you let go in mind of fear,
Swim you shall, in wide grins.

There! you see, or do you not?
The illusion that blinds you so,
The fear is of your own making,
Thus is the labor from your sow.

You have the power

Often it is a situation of the future that worries us so much now that we lose our present. It robs us of our power to create, and to deal with the appearances of worrisome conditions. What we fail to understand is that it is only an appearance, it is not real yet, but we act like it is. We take it to be the only possible outcome even though it may not be.

We have such a tough time dealing with the appearances that we lose our minds on trifling matters and continue overthinking on every small detail.

Why do we feel so powerless?
Why do we worry about every thing?
Why is there so much fear and uncertainty?

It is because we have lost faith. Not faith in gods or deities. But faith in ourselves. We take ourselves to be insignificant and powerless, while in truth each one of us is a fountain of strength and power, innate with the creative ability. We can change our own lives. Command our own circumstances. Live our lives by choice and not by accident.

But we don’t. Because we have no faith.
We cannot convince ourselves that we are able to do any of that.

Yet, there are people living, happy, joyful lives. Living the life of their dreams. They are not intimidated by the future, or the challenges in the present. Every day is like a blessing to them as they consciously design the lives they wish to live.

So now, even you should at least be aware that you are not alone. That you are taken care of. That this Universe is abundant and giving. That all your troubles are mere appearances and nothing else. That you can choose an outcome, and manifest it in your reality. That you are entitled to as many miracles as you need to turn your life around. That you are blessed and that you have the divine power of creation.

Would you still choose to worry and weep on the little things?

Broaden your sight, dream bigger dreams, & know that all will be taken care of.
Choose your own outcome, with perfect faith, beyond all appearances.

You have the power.