I don’t care what I write because that is exactly what I want to do. I do not want to write thinking about what my readers would like to read. I just want to be me here and in the process, possibly come up with everything I have learned in life.

I am starting this new habit. I do not know how long it will last but I sure want to give it a try. Let’s see.

Life is actually real fun. If you are present in the moment and totally engrossed in what you are doing now. I once read a quote by Mother Teresa which read “You are worried about the future because you are wasting your present”. So that is exactly what we are doing I suppose. There is so much discontentment I see and it is possible I see all this discontentment because it is present within me. Therefore, whatever I perceive in my outer world could possibly be a reflection of my inner world, my own insecurities.

I actually do believe our inner world shapes our outer experiences. But what about it? I still do get frustrated and scared. I feel lost and hopeless. Then I read books and gather some hope to continue again. Everything seems to be telling me to dream big, to go out there and express my true self, to see the greatest and brightest and take action without the thought of outcomes. To take the leap anyway. I do think crazy, I get lots of ideas. Yet I don’t think I’ll ever be able to work on all of the ideas I have noted down. There is only one project I can focus on at a time and give my 100% to it. But even then the failures and rejections test me consistently. As if the Universe is asking me, How bad do you want it?

It may seem easier to give up and take on the easy path instead.
But, you know, that won’t fulfill you.

You are meant to be great.
You are meant to ride the waves of this life to absolute greatness.

But you cannot do it if you do not enjoy the present. The most important thing then is to enjoy the present. It is to be in tune with the joys and the sorrows of the present moment. It is to be just an observer. Our effort, therefore, lies in our attempt to allow any situation to just be.

To seek calm and be observant of the present moment is what will give you control of your emotions and allow you to direct it to serenity. In time, it will allow you to grow patience. And the rest of the virtues thereof shall root from there.

Get busy living, be so involved in your project and goals that excitement fills your heart, but the very moment it stops being fun you should note that you are not on the right path. Pause, breathe, against common sense if need be and just try to appreciate the present moment.

Life is wonderful. Live every moment. See the wonders and rides the waves of the life.
You are the Universe. I am the Universe. Therefore, I am.