Joy. Yes, that is the secret. When you live every day with all the joy you have, you not only exude great amounts of energy but also see the doors of opportunity around you. Your work is not a burden but a fulfilling and joyful experience.

I urge you to find the things that truly bring you joy – is it dancing? playing video games? singing? writing? painting? cooking? What is it? Answer it for yourself and you will find the path to limitless energy, joy, and fulfillment.

As we grow and attach responsibilities to our lives we kind of lose touch with the things and activities that bring us true joy. Believe it or not, living life with joy is actually vital.

The Universe is trying to express its greatness through you and all you have to do is align yourself with the things that give you the greatest of the joys. And if you can find something that gives you joy you can actually use it to share the same joy with others. That is value right there. And when you create value for others, you are sure to be rewarded.

Love pizza? Well, just start a blog about pizza. Okay, if you are not too good at writing, start a YouTube channel instead; share your experiences and review the different types of pizza from several different vendors.

Find out what you love. It’s actually very easy. Choose a Sunday, or choose the time after work when you can afford to be off the schedule, find a quiet place, remain still and do nothing for an hour or two, something like pseudo-meditation (where you do not focus on your breath or anything) – then notice what you feel like doing. When you are still, your thoughts will run wild, you will want to do a lot of things – maybe watch TV, or switch to binge viewing on Netflix but just notice your impulses. Or you might want to go outdoors and play – whatever it may be. You might even start dreaming and imagining the things that could really bring you joy like going on a round-the-world trip or performing a stand-up comedy or singing. Relax and let your thoughts flow.

Do this time and again. And when you have done this enough, you will just know. These periods of silence will clean out all the clutter and allow you to see your natural talents and your primary motivating factors. Your subconscious mind will direct you to the right path.

You will find joy but more importantly, you will know yourself better. Spend as much time as you can to do the things that bring you joy, make time for it. Trust me you can. And slowly but steadily you will have started to gain momentum towards living a life full of joy and all your actions will reflect that.

You will walk with a bounce in your feet. You will smile more. You will see the good things and enjoy the little pleasures that life has for all of us. You will find joy in the sunshine. You will find joy in the swift breeze. You will find joy in the warmth of your bed. You will find everything around you to be there just for your own good. And that is when you shall be living The Good Life.

A life lived with joy is a good life. The amount of money you make, the number of assets you own does not make any difference if you do not live and experience joy in your life.

The good life is the life you have – as it is – but you live it with purpose, with joy in your heart. When you do that, you not only change yourself but you also spread that energy to everyone around you. And as this good energy spreads, more people link to happiness when they think about you (and somehow you find opportunities all around you).
Do you see?

Just remember the time you fell in love for the first time, wasn’t it magical? Your heart beat much faster and fragrance of joy surrounded your days. Live like that. Find and spend time doing the things you love doing and your work will bring you fulfillment. You will be content and your actions will not falter. But you will attract greater things towards you. Don’t care about the world, live your life with joy – sing, dance, laugh, and just rock your life. Others will follow.

But I warn you, don’t do anything just expecting the results to bring you happiness – do it because the actions you take bring you joy and you feel fulfilled. Break the social codes, jump, laugh, dance in the middle of the street if you dare. Yes, people do that (especially when something amazing happens to them!) You see that is the kind of energy we all possess but we are busy doing stuff that does little to bring us joy, don’t we?

So, make a commitment, even if you do not find time for yourself in the entire day, just before you go to sleep.. just try… just try and imagine all the things that could bring you joy. Imagine it vividly and see the kind of energy it would bring into your life, the level of confidence you would have living your joy. Just, Imagine.

And you will, surely you will begin to see everything around you fall right into place.

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