You can’t help it, it is beyond your control. Sometimes you just feel lost. You see no hope or any possibility of you getting out the negative situation that you are in. And sometimes this defeat or hopelessness is so painful that you do not even wish to live.

It is a bad bad situation to be in. Everything goes out of place. You just wish you could be invisible, and everyone who knew you would forget your name or any memories about you. It’s a tough place to be. But it is not eternal.

Things will change as soon as you start changing your thoughts. Sure you might be going through a lot of pain, embarrassment, insult, and every other possible agony, but like I said, it is not eternal.

It is not easy to get through this, but it is doable. The very first thing you have to do is accept whatever happened to you and see it in perspective. If something has happened, it has, you cannot change the past. You CANNOT change the past. It is over and done with. What matters more is now. So, begin by accepting your failure or your pain. Accept it.

Then think all the negative thoughts you can. Think about all the negative outcomes (rooting from this difficult situation) you can imagine. Think about all the ways your life will crush upon you. These may not be true – eventually – but you are going to think of them anyway. Worry yourself and lock yourself down. Do whatever you feel like doing, cry your heart out, take up intense workout sessions to release your pain and frustration. Do it. How worse can it get, right?

You are not alone. There are thousands and thousands of people out there on the verge of suicide. Many remain depressed for a long long time. But ultimately the sooner we agree to the fact that our pain has only come about from an expectation we held the sooner we will make steady progress towards a better life. What expectations did you have?

Failure is painful. It is. I have seen even strong people break down. But what makes them strong is that they choose to stand up over and over, they choose to learn from their pain, learn from their mistakes, learn from their adversities.

You are worth way more than you think. But maybe you do not see it. Stand up for yourself and work, work hard, you may have lost everything and therefore, work like there’s nothing to lose. Take risks like there’s nothing to lose. Walk like there’s nothing to lose. Be bold and do great wonders, act like there’s nothing to lose. What are you afraid of? Your situation is painful as it is. So be bold and do your shit. How worse can it get?

When you are in pain, when you are beaten down to the floor, when you are lost, act.
That is what will take you out of your misery. Action.

Action has more power in pain than at any other time. Lose yourself for a reason greater than yourself. Just do it. Like I said, you cannot change the past. You may have lost your name, your honor, a loved one, a business deal, or your career. But is it really the end?

Stop. Stop beating yourself down. Let the world rejoice, while you build yourself in secrecy. Make your life worth something. A lot of others like you are waiting for someone to show them the way. You become The Way. Get better every day. Make it a commitment to prove all the naysayers wrong. To show the disbelievers, to demonstrate to the practical thinkers that you are the doer of the impossibles. Show them who you are. You are the strength, you are the joy, you are everything good in this Universe. You are perfect. You may have been beaten down but you are not going to stay there, show that to the world – not by loud words but by quiet action.

Why are you in pain, really? Is it because you have failed? Think about it, what have you learned from it? Are you looking close enough? Is the destiny trying to teach you something?

Outgrow your failures. They say that the best revenge is massive success. Fate may not have been on your side before, but when you are committed – ridiculously totally absolutely committed – to your goals, to see it through at mind-numbing odds, you will make it.

You were meant to be Great. Seek your Greatness. It does not matter what the world thinks. What do you believe? Would you rise again and try one more time? If it hurts cry it off. If it pains still, punch through walls (no! don’t actually do that), get physically active – work it out, dance it off, express it, release it out. You are not alone.

The pain you’re in will pass. Trust me. It will. Time will play its part. It will. It will heal you but more importantly, you must make an effort to heal yourself with your thoughts. It’s alright to remain sad and experience depression, it is only a natural response. But your life, where you choose to take it, how you choose to direct it depends only upon you. You are the given your life to perform great wonders. So what if you failed or something tragic happened in your life – in truth, that is there to make you stronger. Embrace it. Take in on the pain. Hurl yourself into Action.