Life will test you

Life will test you.
No matter what.
Life will take all that support away and teach you how to stand.

Life will test you.
No matter what.

So don’t give up yet. Don’t lose hope. Don’t bury your faith.
You are here to express your magnificence.
Yet you know not that.

Life will test you.
Yes, no matter what.

It’s okay to get tired. It’s okay to feel afraid and hopeless. These are just passing emotions. The real question is, are your dreams big enough to put your fears to shame?
You are breaking through your comfort zone all the time. You are moving forward every time you decide to be bold and take up a challenge. And whether you see it or not, magic happens for you. All things are falling into place, the curved paths are straightening for you, yet you know it not, you see it not.

Don’t give up just yet. Try again, fail again. But don’t stop. All successful men are basically fools – they never know when to quit. So they keep persisting. They persist, yes, but they also learn from every mistake that they make.

Only gifted people can dream big. Others sell themselves short even before they even start. To them, big dreams are impractical or impossible. Even if they thought they were possible, they would bother acting upon them cause they seem, after all, too burdensome. It takes a person of exceptional gift to believe in an impossible dream and take baby steps upon that dream. Are you that person? Have you ever dreamed of something big and actually taken steps to see it become a reality? Have you?

Life is going to test you. It does not want you to waste time on something that you do not really care about. So it will put the challenges in front of you. You will go through heartbreaks, pain, and countless problems. And when life is sure that you truly seek what you ask for and you will not settle for less – life will deliver. So hang in there. Start again tomorrow or right now! It’s never too late.

It helps if you know why you want something. What is it about this dream of yours that if you’d accomplish it, it will change your life? What would it mean to you? How will it change your life? Really, take some time to think about it.

Stop reading this and take 30secs.
Yes! Do it!

Why do you want it so bad? Why is it so important?

Remember, when the need is strong enough, you will find the strength to walk through walls and run through storms.

We are all here waiting to express our greatness. Often waiting for an external event or someone, to take us out of our misery. We have to be our own heroes. You have to be your own hope. Would you rise for yourself?

Your troubles are there to strengthen you. It will show you who your real friends are. It will show you what are things which are truly valuable to you. It will teach you humility and patience. And it will give you wisdom. Go forth, embrace it.

To overcome your troubles in an effortlessly graceful manner is what we call mastery of life. What you see as a trouble is actually a teacher on your path. Nothing happens just by chance. It is there for a reason. The key thing is, are you looking closely enough? What have you learned?

The Dark Thought.
The Shame.
The Malice.

Meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes,
Because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

~ Rumi (Read full poem)

Brush yourself off.
You have your dreams to protect.
Put in just a little more effort the next time you try.
Stay for another minute before you quit.

Sure, big dreams are intimidating. That’s what makes them big.
All dreamers know failure is a possibility, and so is the success.
Refuse to think what if I fail, think what if I succeed.
Refuse to run away from your problems. Try again, try harder, try smarter.
Refuse to let things happen to you. Make You happen to things.

Start again. Start fresh. You are just there.
Remember, Life will test you.
No matter what.
Life will take all that support away just to teach you how to stand.