The state of mind is all that matters. All through the day, people might hurt you, say wrong things behind you, mistreat you or push you around but if you can manage to keep a calm state of mind – you are the winner for the day.

It is hard to not react when the other person is trying to bring in harm upon you either verbally or in any other way. And it is only natural to retaliate. And retaliate you must but not in a violent way but through the application of wisdom.

To do and to endure wrong is to commit sin. So you must retaliate the harm upon your way but through wisdom. The masters choose to remain silent and simply observe, and may smile at the most when things that are disruptive to their mental peace come upon their way, and even choose to offer love in place of hatred. It is a skill which only comes through practice. To react in a violent or destructive manner, to react is to give power to the enemy. Just respond with serenity.

Offer love, and let your full joy permeate their being!

It is hard. It is very hard. But it only becomes easy with practice and its rewards are great. When you have a calm mind, you take control of your own thoughts, you can choose to think only think of those thoughts which enhance your positive state of mind.

When you get angry and violent at a moment’s notice, you let go of that control and your ego rises. But remaining silent alone may not help you get off your bullies. Like I said, to do and to endure wrong is to commit sin. Therefore, you MUST respond. Give them a faint smile and slight nod, show them you are the better person – look into their eyes and try to see that they are just like little immature children throwing tantrums. Show them compassion. Easier said than done but do it. Opportunities will present themselves before you. And you will certainly see the change. It may not work for the first time, or the second or the third, but with repeated acts of compassion your bullies/foes/naysayers shall lose power over you. When you do not react to their tantrums it really gets boring for them.
Take back the power. Be aware of the present moment.

Even if you see your anger rise. Make it a point to delay its expression. Well, for starters, hold on five seconds before you say anything vicious the next time you get angry. And the more you delay your expression of anger you will see that there was really no need for that. It was just like a violent storm that urged to scare and frustrate you, but you held on to your ground and let is pass without disturbing your calm demeanor.

Be the better man. The first of the great virtues lie in the practice of patience. When you have that, you can control your anger. And when you can control your anger, you can control your emotions of helplessness and pain. And you can consciously replace them with good strong thoughts because when you have a calm mind – in joy and in sorrow – you take control of your own thoughts. And when you can control your own thoughts you can control your destiny. Let me repeat that for you – When you can control your own THOUGHTS you can control your DESTINY.

People might do anything do disrupt you but it is up to you to react or respond, to give them the power or keep the power to yourself. Do not let others control your behavior based on what they do or say about you. Just observe and seek wisdom to respond.

Hold still. Breathe. And embrace the calm.

A river cuts through a rock not because of its force but because of its persistence.