Dream as hard as you can,
Dream as long as you can,
Spend as much time as you can in seeing your dream in imagination,
See the details of the things you would have, do, and be,
Smile as you do it,
Let your senses feel the reality of your dreams too,
And then when you are full of your vision,
Hurl yourself into action.

Work as hard as you can,
Work as long as you can,
Spend as much time as you can in seeing your dream coming into reality,
Focus on the details of the experiences you are owning, things you are doing, who you are becoming,
Smile as you do it – even in failure,
Let your senses be immersed in your vision,
And when you persist in your action long enough,
You will see success lies in the journey.

Be Grateful for your dreams today,
There might be a lot of hard work, a lot of trial and error, a lot many painful days,
on the way to your dreams,
So don’t waste your time today,
Dream if you haven’t,
Act if you haven’t,
Do it now as small a step that it may be,
Take the leap of faith,
Try, fail, cry and then try again.

Oh the Universe protects you,
Be not be troubled by the future,
Do your work today and see it through,
Live with joy and do your work like it’s now or never,
The fears are doubts are just invisible walls,
Waiting to be shattered,
Walk through them, do it,
That’s all that matters.

Aid will come when you need it most,
Be sure of that,
Just set out on your journey,
And let not others hold you back,
Let not your spirits be broken by them,
Our lives were given to us as a gift,
So that we may grow and take joy in our powers,
Powers to see, believe and make it come true.
So do not look at the odds and cry,
The powers within are waiting for expression,
The powers that are infinite,
The world within you is the source,
You are the source – believe it or not,
No dream is too big for you,
The powers of imagination will bring you solutions,
To take down any challenge that comes before you,
And any question you can ask,
Will be answered by the power within you,
Why would you fear?
Seek the impossible and imagine it true,
Ask, seek until you find,
Keep on until you accrue.

But wait,
You will unlock doors with your steady action,
Opportunities will find you when you are in the way of advancement,
Be better every day,
Work a little harder each day,
Build great habits,
And have a work ethic that would put talent to shame,
Grow inside out, and chase that dream like your life depends on it.