Wish. Wish for the source. Wish for the source of all power. Wish for that infinite supply, which is greater than anything this world can offer. Wish for the infinite joy. Not fleeting pleasures.

We are the result of what we have thought. ~ Buddha

All human beings are born with the ability to craft their own destinies. No, this is not some philosophical BS that doesn’t work in the real world. No other beings can consciously direct their own thoughts. Your thoughts are your superpowers and your thoughts alone can carve out the destiny you seek.

Think good thoughts and good shall come your way. Fear not. For the Truth is given to all. And the Righteous shall be protected by the House of the Lord. Live by the Truth and be your best whatever the circumstances. And you will prosper way beyond your wildest imagination.

Choose to be creative, playful and fun. Give off the God energy and people will want to relate to you. Wish for Godliness. Wish for the infinite joy.