For every failure that comes your way. Stand up and face it. Failures aren’t bad things at all. Sure, they may hurt and you might feel humiliated and helpless. But it is actually a blessing in disguise.

Every failure has a lesson hidden in it. A failure is like a riddle which only the wise can crack and use its knowledge to make steadfast progress towards success. So what you have failed. Rejections are a part of life, they are there to make us stronger, bolder, wiser and more responsible. We evolve with every failure.

The key is to take control of your own emotions when failure strikes and use that pain to work harder, work better.


Ever Tried.
Ever Failed.
No Matter.
Try Again.
Fail Again.
Fail Better.

~Samuel Beckett


Stand even after you are beaten down. Stand and throw in a stronger punch at the mighty challenge you face. Persistence beats talent.

It’s easy to seek comfort and get distracted when tested by repeated failure. But if you keep on attacking your problem like you know that you will succeed, like you know that you will break through, like success is your birthright. You will not stop. You won’t.

And when you don’t stop on your way to your biggest dreams, even at ridiculous odds, you make that breakthrough, you touch the golden dust of success. Greatness starts when you don’t stop.

I understand some days you are this close to giving up, this close to thinking this won’t work, thinking they won’t like my idea, my novel, my proposal – and fear and doubt seem to cloud out the truth, but deep inside, you’d agree, that little voice still urges you to push forward and take in another hit, another failure, even if it is hurting.

Who would you listen to?

Have faith. Keep pushing even at impossible odds. Stand for what you believe in. Stand for your dreams. Stand even after repeated failures, rejections, and humiliation.

Stand up and face your fears – greatness lies just beyond them.