Who Am I?

You are God. You are the Infinite. You are the source of all Power that ever was and ever will be. You are that which you call God, it is not separate from you, you are the One. You just need to become aware of it.

The Life that is You seeks expression. That life is the life which is in All. You are the Master of the Universe. And the 7 billion others are the same form of just You.

You are put here on this Earth to express happiness, joy, and laughter. You are here to inspire others and share your pulsating energy to all those who shall receive it. You are Abundance. You are the Infinite. You are here for You and your infinite forms that make the humankind.

Make more life for others. Become the source. Give them more of happiness, hope, love, joy, laughter, and you shall reap even more. And you shall grow to become the higher energy. And as you grow to become the higher energy more things will relate to you which will only aid you to express yourself better. And the more you express life and brush it off onto others the more you shall receive. The circle continues snowballing into your higher self.

Choose to ignore the unhappiness, anxiety, and despair, focus on being the most amazing person you can be. Live, laugh, and give more joy to the naysayers (obviously cause they need it more than others), you become the solution to your problems.

If your heart is beating and you can take a deep breath right now, remember you are alive here for a reason. Express all the joy and happiness you can and inspire others to live life to the full.

Your emotions are your gift of life. You have conscious control over your emotions. How you respond to any situation is totally up to you. Use your emotions to express courage where there seems to be fear, hope where there seems to be despair, abundance where there seems to be lack, love where seems to be hatred.

Create your own ideals, ones which suggest greater good for all. Put in the power of your emotions in your ideals and release them out into the Universe and it will travel far and wide into the depths of the Universe to make it come true – when it sees that the ideal is in harmony with All and benefits All for greater expression.

You are the One Creator. The beating heart puts in the emotional vibration into your thoughts which traverse all time and space and creates that which you think. Once you’ve thought something – as soon you have released a thought – it is already created. Done! And then all you need to do is to be in harmony with the Universe to receive it.

Don’t let the circumstances define your happiness, let your happiness define your circumstances.


What will you create today? What will you create now?

Take one minute, yes! take just 60 seconds, turn on your timer and really put in all your joy into an ideal which you seek to realize. Create your own reality. Immerse yourself, with all your mind and heart, into the dream, goal, that you wish to see in reality. Radiate that joy of having seen it accomplished only in your imagination out into the world and be thankful for your imagination that lets you dream wonderful realities. Then focus on being the most amazing being you can be. Give out love, hope, joy, wonder, and faith. Brush off your happiness to whoever comes in contact with you. Be the source. Be the channel and radiate your grateful and joyful self. Give more of your pulsating energy and snowball yourself into the awareness of your Higher Self.

Create your own realities and become aware of your infinite nature.

You are what you say I Am.