A minute, please?

Today I will let you on a little secret that you already know. Our emotions, when mixed with our thoughts, bring about the things that we dream about. Think great thoughts, put feeling into it and you will be directed to take great actions. And the more you act on these thoughts the closer you will get to your goals.

But you have to do it ceaselessly, you cannot think negative thoughts 90% of the time and expect great results with 10% of right thinking. Our greatest power is our thoughts. The more we think about the things we want, our goals, our dreams, the more we will see and receive hunches about the possible actions to take to get to them.

We seem to live in an unfair world but it is your thoughts alone that make your experiences. If you want prosperity and health, focus on prosperity and health and have a hopeful attitude towards it. Keep the ideal always pinned upon your mind.

Many people do not actually know what they want from life. And even fewer have a clear vision of the things they’d like to do, have or be. Our power of thought and imagination is our greatest gift. And yet we do not exercise them to attract the good things into our lives.

We cannot afford to be mental loafers. We must use our powers of thought and imagination to bring forth the conditions we’d like in our lives. And to do this it is essential that we must set aside a set time every day to seek the silence and vividly see our dreams only in our imagination and express joy as we do so.

But do we have time?

I agree. We think we don’t. But you don’t necessarily need to set aside an hour for this. I urge you to set aside only 60 seconds.

Yes, just 60  short seconds every day. Can you do that? Just 1 minute?

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and begin to imagine what your perfect life would be. Put the timer on to 1 minute and just do it. See the house that you’ll live in, see the rooms, the wallpapers, see the good things in great detail, see the car you want, the money you want in the bank, the vacations you want, plan it only in your imagination.

I am sure you’ll cross that one minute mark. But some may ask ‘what’s the point of this exercise? It’s just fake, isn’t it? Imagining things doesn’t bring about stuff, working does’.

I couldn’t agree more that only imagining doesn’t bring about anything but when see your dreams as vividly as you can, and see that dream day after day, your mind will flash ideas or suggestions of actions for you to take which will cause you to realize your dream. That is the point of this exercise – to unfurl the joy (often suppressed) within you, by the power of imagination and align yourself to your biggest dreams and push you to take action that’ll bring about exactly what you want.

Take just 60 seconds. Start with that. See the picture of your biggest dreams. Concentrate on the ones that truly bring you genuine joy and you will see the way. You will see the light.

Use your powers. Think. Imagine. Believe.

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