When you are living in harmony with the ways of the Universe, you are actually an open channel for everyone to receive through you. Give others more love, joy, faith, hope, and laughter, and the more you shall receive.

Start with love. Love yourself for who you are, how you are. Seek that inner voice. Listen to what it has to say. Listen closely. It says that you are already beautiful, that you are perfect. That you are an expression and an embodiment of God Himself. That you are full of wonder and talent and beauty. Seek that inner voice. Find love for yourself. Fill yourself with so much love that you overflow and give to others.

That is the secret, love, it is that which opens hearts and heals wounds.

Sometimes it is difficult to practice love. But it only gets easier with practice. Practice love, and over time, expressing it will be easier than you think. You will disarm people armed with hatred and bring life to those in fear. There will be many afflictions along the way, of course, but the path of love is sure to bring you the eternal joy you seek.

Start with love. Start with yourself. See the infinite in you, and it will overflow, it will help you bring hope and happiness to others. And people will believe again.

For a bowl of water, give a goodly meal,
For a kindly greeting bow thou down with zeal,
For a simple penny pay thou back with gold,
If thy life be rescued, life do not withhold.

Thus the words and actions of the wise regard,
Every little service tenfold they reward.
But the truly noble know all men as one,
And return with gladness good for evil done.

Your heart is the source of all power, and love is the manifestation of that pure positive strength within you. Start with Love.