The Good Life

Express joy in whatever you do. And focus on mostly doing the things that bring you joy. And you will be in touch with your higher self.

When I say do things that bring you joy, I do not mean that you only do things that you feel comfortable doing and are easy, I mean do things that challenge you to the extent where you are excited to do them, do things that call for your inner spirit to be awakened. Find the things that really set your heart beating, that release your best energies outward and forward. Seek that joy.

If you express joy and goodness consistently the Universe cannot help but put more opportunities on your path to aid you to express yourself better. Find the things that bring you true joy, express joy while doing them, and the Universe will bring you more opportunities for you to express higher states of emotion.

Love listening to music and really feel like getting into the rhythm and dance. Go do it.
Love cooking fresh and nutritious food that look & taste delicious, that makes you feel like a magician. Go do it.
Love coding, building amazing stuff and showcasing your gift with the world. Go do it.

Find the true joy, the real juice of joy, in every work you do and you will grow into a spiritual being radiating joy and pure positive energy; when every second of your life would be a manifestation of the joy you feel in your heart. And you would live the life that would astound others. You will attract riches, love, happiness, and health into your life – and truly you would live the good life.

You must find the joy first. It is from the inside out that you become truly wealthy, that you live the good life.

For the life lived with joy is the good life. Everything else just settles around it.