Focus on your action

Focus on your action. Not the results.

Often, we set high goals, and put in a shitload of effort and expect everything to turn out just fine. But it most certainly doesn’t work that way, at least not always. And when it doesn’t, we get frustrated we blame everyone else for it, the market, competition, neighbors, teachers, support group, investors, employees and the like.

It is easy to bail out if you do not genuinely love the action you take to reach the goal. But when you love the action you take you will persist. Granted, sometimes we have to do the hard work ourselves and it does not really bring in the joy but when the love for your goal is genuine and you are motivated for the right reasons you will find even the hard work – just fine.

The point is you cannot afford to hold on to your expectations tightly and then set out to work as a way to meet them. Focus on the action. Not the results. The results follow when each action is done as efficiently as possible. To build a great wall, you have to make sure that every brick you lay is placed as perfectly as possible. And if you do enough times, building one over the other, slowly and steadily, you will soon have a beautiful wall.

Some actions may be overwhelming, some actions may ask you to adhere to a deadline, some actions may be outright painful, but if these actions are indeed necessary for the goals you’ve set for yourself then ought to do it no matter what. Start small. Do little. Then build upon it. Do some more and again build upon it.

Small actions – done right – over time brings about giant results. The results are just the effect. What matters is the action. Make sure every action you take, however small, is a success in itself. And when you have enough successful actions – building one above the other – the results you seek will infallibly follow.

Start small. Build upon those small successes.
Focus on your actions, and the results you seek will follow.

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