To be alive

Be grateful that you are alive.
Be grateful that you still breathe in full health.

All of the outer things do not matter. The awareness of the fact that you are alive here and now, and that you can enjoy the little things in life is what really matters. If you have ever escaped death you would know what it feels to be just alive – to be here and now – and to have the limitless opportunities to cherish that thing called life.

We are living in a society where we are burdened with the notion of success as if you have to mindlessly slave through your life in order to accumulate shiny things that signify success. That you have to work for a giant corporation and have a fancy job title to be seen as successful. Really? Is that how the real world works?

The naysayers are harsh. They are brutal. They are merciless. But if not for them you will not grow to be strong and resilient. Be grateful for the naysayers for they make you strong. Take the hits. Endure and keep believing. Because that is what it’s all about. Hang around for a few more knocks, because more than anything else you ought to see for yourself – that what you believed in can come true.

Be grateful wherever you are, in whatever condition you are in. Be grateful that you still breathe and that with small changes, brick by brick, you can build the castle of your life just the way you want it to be. Be grateful for the infinite human potential in you. That which says I am in you is the spirit trying to express its infinite nature through you. So don’t be afraid. You might have to go through shit if you take the leap towards your dreams, but I assure you it is all worth it.

Regardless of what the circumstances are, you are an infinite expression waiting to become aware of itself. Waiting for that call to adventure, waiting for the divine voice from within. Be grateful that you are that which you call spirit – that which lives within you as you. It is capable of accomplishing wonders. Just ask.

Everything is fine, and everything is going to be fine. Dig deep to discover your true self and you will be able to see the greater realities of life.

It does not matter where you are or what you have, what matters is what you do with what you have wherever you are. When you are helpless, go out and help others.

Be grateful. Be grateful that you live. And as you make a positive difference in other’s lives you will see that all the things flow with and through you, you become the channel for happiness, health, joy, and love. You become the center of your little galaxy and everything and everyone unconsciously gravitates towards you – and seeks to relate to you.

Be grateful that you are alive and spread your joy to the farthest corners of your little sphere of influence – your galaxy!
Think, believe, and speak from the heart.

We are all children of the Universe. What we do now, however scary or challenging, will only be a memory of the past for your future. You can either laugh about it if you fail or you can be joyfully proud about it if you succeed. What will you choose?

You have got the power, you have got the strength, you have all the courage you need, it is already within you. And when you commit to your dreams, they show up for you just when you need them.

Don’t just be ordinary. Commit to be extraordinary. Commit now, commit today.
Be grateful that you are alive.
Be grateful that you still breathe in full health.

So what are you going to do with your life?
How will you make a difference?
How will you put your dent in the Universe?
How will you write your own history?

In a hundred years we are all going to be dead men. Be grateful that you are alive today and strive to make something out of it. Sing, dance, play, express wonder and joy and simply be your unique self. That may sound corny but that is all there is to it.

Go be yourself. Express yourself and shall have inspired a thousand to do the same.
To be alive is the greatest gift you will ever have, so cherish it and make your life something to be remembered for ages – not on account of what you bought or had – but on account of how many lives you touched.

To be alive.