The way we feel is everything. That feeling of joy and well-being in the present moment is what counts. If you make a tremendous amount of money but your life is stressful and feel tired and stressed all the time – can you can call it the good life?

Our emotions are that which makes us human. Use it to your advantage. Feel the feelings of joy and happiness in the present moment. Do it. Do it now. Take a deep breath and feel the feelings of being healthy, happy and wealthy. Imagine in your head that you already are that which you wish to become, that you already have that which you wish to possess and find the feeling place of it. Take a deep breath and release your emotions.

Our emotions will intuitively lead us to our dreams, all we have to do is trust it. If you got a dream, be playfully obsessed with it and chase it like it’s the only goal. And whenever you find yourself discouraged and sulking – heed it as a signal – that you are not on the right path and that it’s time to hit the pause button.

Life is like a breeze. You must enjoy it and yet be able to float with it. Don’t worry about being the best among others, be the best you that you can be. Be who you are and express your authentic self to the world and you gather a following and inspire thousands more. So take heed of what your heart tells you. Are you listening?

Dream big. Take in the wonder through your wide eyes. The logic doesn’t need to apply, just imagine if it is possible to accomplish some outrageous goal. Is it possible? Don’t worry about the hows just ask yourself from the point of view of a little child, is it possible? Believe in the wonder that your dreams bring upon you. Let your feelings of greatness soar as you imagine having achieved your dreams. Let out those emotions and be one with your imaginings. And you will unlock greater forces of the Universe which will, by law, come to your aid to make real the vision that you have given birth with the help of your emotions.

Not only are we a part of the Universe, but the Universe is a part of us.

Let your emotions flow, that is the stream of life. Express joy and wonder and inspire others around you. Do the things that truly bring you joy and you will help others feel the joy that you feel. And as you spread your joy to others. You will become the channel which will bring in even more for you.

We are born to express our unique selves so that the Universe can become aware of itself. Be the best you that you can be.