Be Still

To seek the calm when in chaos.
To seek the silence in the noise.
To continually seek the doors even when there seems to be none is the mark of success.

The storm shall settle if you let it. Just as Master Oogway had once pointed out, Your mind is like the surface of a lake when it is agitated it becomes difficult to see but if you allow it to settle everything becomes clear. Whenever you find yourself stressed and worried call a halt and seek the silence.

The more you dwell in your fears and doubts, the farther you shall go away from the Truth. Stop fighting the past and live the now. The future is made by the now. So now is the most important time of your life. Live it well. Life will take care of itself. Build yourself brick by brick and heed not the opinions on the outside. Sure, they may throw bricks at you and say hurtful things but you and only you have the power of change things around you. Begin with your thoughts.

It seems like we live in an unfair world but all humans regardless of their age, class, race or color are gifted with the power of free thought. Your thoughts alone can change the world. Your thoughts alone can change your beliefs. And when you will begin to believe – you will get to know its miraculous powers.

So, mind your thoughts. Seek calm when you find chaos in your thoughts.
Read a book, or do a physically intensive task and find calm in your thoughts.
Your thoughts are the building blocks, the bricks which go into the making of your personality and character – and consequently your destiny.

Choose good thoughts. Think good thoughts.
Don’t worry about the contrasting appearances in the “real world” because that is just an illusion.

Seek calm when in chaos. Seek the silence amidst the noise. You shall unlock great powers when you find yourself immersed in stillness.