The Action Bias

Take small actions – however futile they may seem in the big scale of things. Take the small steps because they are the ones that will lead to greater things.

Every time you take an action not only do you get one step closer to your goals but you also open new doors for yourself that you lead you to success.

The Universe works in mysterious ways. Some small action on your part will tip off a chain of events which will ultimately bring about the circumstances which you so earnestly desire.

Here’s the key part: Don’t ever judge an action – whether it will work or not – whether there could be a better way – whether it is the right time.

When you analyze too much you get lost in the sea of statistics and reason that hinders your best action. The human reason is faulty, don’t rely on that alone. Take the bias towards action and see for yourself whether it will work, whether there can be a better way, or whether it’s the right time.

But establish a bias towards action.

Make more conversations. Write some more code. Meet more people. Send some more emails. But don’t do it just for the sake of doing it, your actions must be aligned with the things you wish to accomplish.

What is your number one goal right now? What are the 5 ways you can get it done? Snap! These five things are your action snowball. One action will lead to another and soon you will be operating at a level of massive action. It always starts with the small things – even though the small actions always seem futile.

Success is not in the big step taken sometime in the future, it is mostly in the small steps taken right now.

When you start taking these small steps, you will soon start seeing a pattern as to which ones are working the best. And as you consistently keep doing the things that work, over time, they will yield the results you seek with mathematical certainty.

Often we are too afraid to even dip our toes into the water. How are we ever going to enjoy a good swim?

Take the small steps. Do it.
Dip your toes today, so that you can enjoy a good swim tomorrow.