Happiness isn’t there on the outside. The feeling of completeness, the feeling of being, being One with the Universe is the eternal peace.

And in the end, isn’t that what we are all looking for? That sense of deep fulfillment where you are at peace with yourself and everything that transpires around you. Where there are no more desires to chase, no more egos to satisfy but there is just pure bliss.

It is possible to reach this state of bliss in our lives. To reach this higher consciousness. But we must be consistent in seeking it. We can seek it through our work, we can seek it through every action we take, we can seek it in every thought we think. But we must rise above our sense of myself – the ego – and place our actions beyond selfish motivations. When we begin to act beyond ourselves and majorly for the greater good that we begin to catch a glimpse of the Truth that we are just One.

The pain and the joy, the black and the white, the crest and the trough – just one. One cannot be without the other. In fact, one cannot exist without the other. You cannot define tall if what is short doesn’t exist, neither can you define bad when the sense of what is good doesn’t exist – they are just relative to each other.

Seek the ideal. Set the high goals. And not merely for selfish motivations but also for the greater good and you will be closer to the Truth with every step of your journey. The fulfillment you shall receive in the service of others will be way more than the joys you shall receive as material wealth which will fruit from your service.

Give more. Give without expectations. Involve your actions for the greater good and seek only the good for humanity and you shall open the divine channel within you that shall lead to both material and spiritual prosperity.

Give. Joy is in the giving. Happiness is in the giving. Fulfillment is in the giving. Bliss is in the giving.

Start giving. The fulfillment, in both spiritual and material wealth, shall follow.