Focus on what you want. Focus with all your heart. Think about it whenever you can. Imagine it as frequently as you can. If you really want it you will do that anyway.

Your thoughts are your currency. Use them to think about the things that matter the most to you. And when you have enough thoughts concentrated on a subject your mind will guide you, it will give you glimpses of the actions to take. So use your thoughts to compel action without judgement of the possible outcome or its futility.

Often people do not even take the first step because they cannot logically think or believe how it is going to come about. They do not see a logical or sane way to get to their goals. So they quit even before they start.

The higher ideals you harbor in your mind are a calling from your inner spirit to express itself – it wants to show off its supernatural powers, it urges you to take that step, it gives you that gut feeling and prepares you for the greater things in life. So listen closely. Be not afraid. The inner voice within you will guide you.

It may not be a smooth ride, you might have to overcome several challenges, you might have to face grave and deep-seated fears, you might have to go through hell – but if you trust it you will grow wings and it will enable you to soar to greatness.

Start with your thoughts. Imagine an ideal. Just for the fun of it. Imagine. And find the feeling place of it. It doesn’t have to be real, you do not have to be attached to it, but just as a child imagines great fantasies – to build a chocolate factory, to own a flying car – see an ideal which you can connect to.

Think about it as often as you can, if it truly brings you joy. See it, feel it. Relax.
And the more you think about it the more your mind will become active in suggesting ways to accomplish it. It will show you small steps to take. It will guide you and even show you the ways to overcome the obstacles in the path. Just trust it.

And the more focused you are on your ideal, the faster it will come to you. It will. It will if you will.