The Riches We Seek

We all seek the riches outside of ourselves while the wisdom that brings forth the eternal joy is hidden inside us. When we realize the infinitely powerful nature of our spirit we become all seeing. We become fearless and thus naturally cheerful. And that is bliss.

And so how do we find this inner spirit? Meditate for a decade? Yes, that could be one of the ways! But there are also infinite other ways to realize that inner spirit – the higher self. Your work, be it that of a janitor, a singer, a typist, a broker, or a minister, can be a path to finding your inner spirit.

Every action you take in your daily basis could lead you to your higher self. You must focus then on doing the best work that you can do, every day. And then challenge yourself with tougher tasks. Because only when you are put through real struggle you seek out the depths of your abilities and powers.

Put in the utter devotion in the work you do. It will be easier if you are doing something you love. Yet, if you put in the highest degree of devotion in whatever you do, whether you love doing it or not, your devotion will open new doors and new paths for you to follow – which will lead you to your greatest self.

You are powerful. You are powerful beyond measure. And this power lies dormant inside you. Waiting to be awakened. Waiting for your instructions for action so that it can express itself through your existence.

Our greatest limitation is our fear. Fear of stepping out of our comfort zones. Fear of judgement. Fear of failure. Fear of criticism. Fear of loss of wealth, love, respect and whatever we deem of value. Our fears put us in an imaginary box which looks real and insurmountable. But it isn’t so.

Infinite power sleeps within us. But when we truly realize its existence, we become fearless and at the same time compassionate. We become still, yet bubbling with all-pervading energy. We become One.

There, you shall have all the riches you seek – sans the excuse of futile desires, your greatest fears, and insecurities. For you become One.


Greater than everything yet nothing.