What have we learnt?

We forget what we learn very easily.
We forget even more when we are surrounded by distractions.
Thus, we need to remind ourselves of the way of life every day lest we lose focus.

We must instill in our habits, and in our daily routines the wisdom we attain from our experiences and the ones which we receive upon contemplation and study. It is in the practice of the wisdom that success reveals itself.

It is only natural that we make mistakes. But we must not accept them as failures. We must only learn from them. The more frequently we remind ourselves of the way of life, the easier it will be to practice it in reality.

Read that book which opened your eyes, again. Meet that person that changed your life, again. Practice that workout which helped you get fit, again. Do it over and over as long as you’d need but never stop. Because it is only when we stop we lose focus, and when we lose focus we simply stop believing.

All power is within.