Your thoughts are one of your greatest assets. And every day you have about 60,000 new thoughts to think. It will always be there for you every day that you wake up into this beautiful world. Choose the right thoughts and you shall inspire the right action. Sow enough right action and it shall become a good habit. Practice enough good habits and it shall build your highest character. Thus, you shall attract only the best into your life.

What thoughts are you thinking today? Even though you may see opposing conditions just spend your thoughts imagining better circumstances. You may not how it may come about. You may not have any faith. But if you just persist in dwelling in your ideal and commit to seeing it in reality – no matter the odds – all of the Universe will join forces to see it through. It’s all in your mind. You win or lose in your mind. Think thoughts that inspire you. Think of the dreams that excite you.

Think joy and abundance and it shall manifest in your being. Think love and honor and it shall show in your character. Think greatness and it shall come alive in you.

What are you thinking?