What do we really want?

What do we really want?

We say we want something but we fill our minds with stuff that we do not necessarily want. You might say you want a billion dollars or a beachfront house or a Maserati but do you notice the stuff you think about all day? How much of the day do you find yourself frustrated? Ask yourself, what actually are you feeding your mind?

The vision you have for your best life must excite you at all times; if it doesn’t excite you then you are probably aiming too low. Think big, so big that it excites you to even imagine the scene when it is accomplished. What if it was really possible?

The entire day we waste our energies thinking about the wrong things. We think negative thoughts, recall the past or doubt the future. And ever limiting thought attaches more of its kind to itself and soon it becomes a physical state. Snap out of that! When will you learn? Stop focusing on the things you do not want and think of the things you’d like to have in your life. Feed your mind with the right thoughts and enjoy it throughout your day.

To be mindful of our thinking — to know what we are thinking and where our thinking is taking us — is also important. The way we judge and blame other people leads to our ill-being as well as theirs. If we can have a compassionate, non-judgmental, non-blaming thought, that is a way to our well-being.

~ From the Mindfullness Bell


Yesterday is already gone, no amount of worry or anxiety or regret can change the past. But the good news is we have our today intact. It is perfect and beautiful. Some conditions in our present may not be agreeable – and are possibly the ill effects of your past choices and actions – but you alone have the power to deal with the situation with wisdom so that you can create a blissful future for yourself.

Put your hand over your heart and feel it beat. Now close your eyes and think about the wildest dream you can conjure up that will totally change your life for the good and for others as well. Do you feel your heart open up? That is the state you have to carry yourself with. Walk with an open heart, give freely and you shall open the doorways to receive.

That is the state you have to carry yourself with. When you feel that excitement in your heart you invariably tend to give your best in any task that you do. You actions become complete and you find yourself always in the state of joy and seldom frustrated. Therefore, walk with an open heart, live, laugh, give freely and you shall open the doorways to the reception of greater things in life.

Feed your mind with the vision that you have dreamed of.
Keep it in your heart. And go about your day with the humble faith that it is coming your way!

Don’t fill your mind with stuff that matters the least. Positively overwhelm it with your greatest dreams.