Slow deep breaths.

It is really possible to live joyful at heart every second of our days. That is the secret to well-being. When we are joyful and happy in the present moment not only do we enjoy our lives today and appreciate everything around us but we create also similar joyful circumstances for our future.

Slow deep breaths.
Awaken the feeling place in your heart.

We spend our lives in stress and disrupt our natural breathing patterns, our natural habits, and way of being. Yet when we consciously practice being mindful in the present moment we begin to notice all the little things that matter. We become mindful of breathing full breaths. We become mindful of the food we eat. And not only that we also become mindful of how much we chew our food and how much water we drink.

Whatever you do put your mind into the moment’s work and consistently strive to think of nothing else but progress. And once you learn to control your thoughts over days of practice you must learn to feel the bliss in the present moment. You must learn to be thankful for everything that is yours in your conscience. Be thankful for the life you have, for the things you own, for the opportunities you have and the work you do.  Trust me, your life really could have been much worse. Read these stories

So live this present moment. Consciously practice being alive, happy and grateful in the moment and go on with your work with a cheer in your heart and your attitude. Then you will be living a life of joy. And remember, a life lived with joy and appreciation is the good life.

Remind yourself of your dreams when you work.
Remind yourself of the good things in your life.
And strive to be ever grateful for them.

Live with an open heart.
Smile, love and give freely.

Slow deep breaths.
With your eyes closed.
Focus on your heart.
Now, imagine all the good things in your life. Do you feel the joy in your heart?

Now, hold on to that and live larger than life.