To overcome fear

When a negative thought, a doubt, or a fear enters and contaminates our minds all of the self-help positive stuff seems to be just useless. Even trying to think positive thoughts just doesn’t work, the fear and the negativity comes back in a second – well, because our fears look real, they hurt, they are painful and it seems like no amount of positivity can turn the situation around. This is when it gets real.

We become so consumed with fear that we fail to see the greater truth. Have you ever been through a tough situation where it all seemed hopeless but in the end it actually turned out to be good for you?

Most of us are afraid and our fears try to take control of our lives. But little do we realize that it is we that give power to our fears. There are always going to be greater challenges, hopeless circumstances, and painful journeys. What are you going to do? Run away from your fears or face them?

If ever you are afraid, remember to hold your ground. Don’t run away from it. But run towards it. Yess, let me repeat that again, RUN TOWARDS YOUR FEARS!

To escape fear you have to go through it,
not around.

~ Richie Norton

As soon you run towards them, you will find out the fears were just an illusion.

Sometimes we assume too much. We try to judge the situation from our own perspectives. We doubt others because of our past experiences. We fail to see the truth. We jump to conclusions. And more often that not our doubts and fears are based on these conclusions. And we even root our subsequent actions from these doubts and fears.

Do we really see the truth? Do we even try to see the bigger picture? Or try to see it from a different perspective? Nope! Our fears just can’t wait to express themselves and so we act out of that state without giving any heed to composure and contemplation.

Often our fears are circumstances of the future. We are afraid of the situations that are likely to come about in the future. Yet we cannot even predict a day in the future properly.

Whenever you are in doubt and dwelling in negativity – pause. Take time to contemplate on your deepest fears, think of where they take root. Stay still, relax, and you might begin to see the greater picture of reality. If it is the future you are afraid  of – don’t you worry – the Universe works in miraculous ways. The stock market may see a hike tomorrow. Someone might follow some link and land on your website and make purchases. Tomorrow you might even get a hefty cheque from an anonymous friend. If only you would live in good cheer, your actions will be pure and one thing will lead to another bringing you the things and circumstances of your desire.

You never know what’s going to happen – but there’s no point being afraid of it. Things can change instantly. Minds can turn in an instant. All you have to do is live a full life and spread the good cheer. Dwell not in your fears. You cannot possibly know the true reality of everything, so jump to conclusions.

Stay in faith, live with good cheer and all your fears shall cease to manifest.

Take time out. Contemplate.
Breathe. Relax. Smile.
And take joy in the moment, knowing that all is well and that all things are turning in your favor at this very instant.

Fwooh! And there it goes, permeating throughout the Universe.