To Dwell in Gratitude

How often do we forget about the little things in life that make us truly happy. Most of us are busy thinking about the wrong things in our lives. We want to own something. We want to be someone. We want to do stuff. But the question is, have we become slaves to our wants?

To seek for the increase of life is totally natural. But you should not be enslaved by your wants. Because when we become anxious about our wants we become worrisome and unhappy. From that state of unhappiness roots other unwanted and unhealthy emotional states of being. And if you continue to entertain that, soon, you become entangled in an ever-deepening hole of unhappiness.

We are here to express our joys in life and not live in pain or anxiety. But when our goals, visions, and commitments begin to eat us alive, we become slaves to our wants.

Just take some time out today and see all the things you have in your present life that you can be grateful for. Maybe it is your full health. Maybe it is your family, a friend, your cat, or even a stranger you met on the subway. Regardless of what the outer circumstances are, just hold your ground and stay still, and in the privacy of your own mind practice being grateful for both the good and the bad.

Be grateful. If not for anything else but for the fact that you are alive and healthy. You can make changes happen in your life. You have the power to overcome great adversity.

It won’t be easy in the beginning, but in time and with practice it will become effortless. Choose gratitude. And you will change your life.

For the things that make us truly happy, here and now, today!