The State of Being

The state of being. Focus on your state of being.

Because when you are in that positive, blissful, abundant state of being everything else just seems to flow naturally.

How often do we find ourselves stressed out throughout the day. Jumping from task to task and trying to get more work done in the least possible time. But are we really enjoying our tasks?

Well, you might complain that your job is boring or stressful and you couldn’t possibly have fun while doing it, then here’s a story I’d like you to go through:

Once two bricklayers were asked to participate in a survey about their jobs at a big construction project and talk about the work conditions there.

The first guy was asked whether he liked what he did.
> And he answered that he wasn’t really happy with what he does but he needs the money so he works anyway; he then added that bricklaying is really boring and tiresome work, that all he did was lay one brick over another all day long!

Then the second guy was asked the same thing.
>And no sooner than he was asked this question, he just lit up. He said he was thrilled to be working as a bricklayer and that he felt really significant for his contribution to the project (even though he was just a bricklayer, not the architect or an engineer). He said he was proud to be a part of that project, because when the skyscraper would be built he would know that he had contributed a part of his life in building that – and that was enough!

Do you see the difference in attitudes?

What work are you doing today?
Are you enjoying your work?
Are you bored and exhausted with your work,
or are you thrilled to be building your skyscraper?

Work in joy. Focus on the skyscraper, not the labor.
The state of being makes all the difference.

Have fun with what you do, and you will make even faster progress!