You are not real

I have heard so many times that this world is like an illusion, that is just like a hologram and that our concentrated thoughts change our realities and so on. But never until today, I realized why it is so.

Everything you see on this earth, every thing in this galaxy and the universe is made up of tiny particles called atoms. Duh! But wait there’s more.

And atoms at their base level are made up of energy. They are basically a tiny amount mass vibrating at very high speeds (something of the order of square of the speed of light from Einstein’s E=MC^2).

Therefore, all the atoms around us are a part of an energy field. And the atoms themselves are only high concentrations of this energy. Everything around us is thus only energy. We live in an energy field.

What we see as solid is only an energy field vibrating too fast for us too detect with our limited human senses. Thus the idea of our realities being only a hologram of vibratory energy.

And here comes the crazy part.. but what if we could actually influence this energy field? Bend it and bring stuff into reality? What if we control the energy field around us with harmony and focus?

What if you were the Master of the Universe?
Every thought you think, every emotion you release, sets out a vibratory ripple out into the energy field around you and bends it just slightly to match your thinking and feeling. And if the same kind of thoughts and feelings are released consistently, over time the energy field around you begins to replicate your dominant thoughts and emotions and brings it into perceptive reality.

We are all vibratory centers creating new ripples every second. The problem is, our thoughts and emotions are not concentrated enough to make significant changes in a short duration of time. Thus, when we do not see any visible change on the outside we seldom continue releasing the same vibrations. We just stop believing. Or we just get caught up with life and forget about our true extraordinary powers of mind.

Change your thoughts and you shall change your reality. It will happen with mathematical certainty. It is just an energy field out there waiting to be molded into the forms of the creative thought that we can generate.

You are powerful beyond any measure, but to master that power you must strive to have full control over your thoughts and emotions. Release only that which you want to see manifest and it will come alive in your perceptive reality.


What ripples are you setting out today? The Ocean of Life awaits your orders!