I wants – to – I have

It’s easy to say what you want and express your lack of it. And when you express that lack you create that experience in your reality. And the more you want things from the foundations of lack the more you will see it in your life.

Enjoy the things you want only in your imagination, and see it as if you already have it. And only then shall you release the creative forces that will go out and bring in into your reality. All you have to do is replace your I wants with I have.

The Universe just manifests what you think of or what you give expression in word and feeling. It doesn’t judge, it doesn’t question. It just takes your word for the truth and manifests it into reality.

So when you say you have excellent health and are thankful for it. The Universe creates corresponding realities for you. When you say you are blessed with love and happiness, you will see those realities in your life.

Turn your wants into haves and enjoy it in the present moment if only in your imagination. Because that which you deeply enjoy and see, feel, experience in the now is already set come about in physical manifestation. You must see the details, you must enjoy it as if it has already come about in physical reality – as if you already possess it.

Thus, when you can genuinely enjoy everything you have ever wanted in your mind’s eye and feel fulfilled like you already have it your actions will be pure. Your actions will not be shrouded by doubt or uncertainty because you already feel fulfilled. And when there is neither doubt or uncertainty or fear of failure, there is just the pure action of faith.

Use your word, your thoughts and emotions to imagine and thank the Universe ceaselessly. And you will see miracles happen!

You are the infinite. Let the stream of Life flow through you for you have the ability to create your own realities by the definiteness of your vision, the steadiness of your faith and the depth of your gratitude.