Efficient Action

It is not really the number of things you do. It is the efficiency of each action that counts.

Do less but do well. If you find yourself hurrying through the day doing a thousand tasks but none of which are not very well done then you are simply creating a habit of failure.

However, this doesn’t mean you should not start until everything is perfect. It means even if you start slow and humble, do it in an efficient manner. You may want a skyscraper but if your foundations are not made with extreme care and efficiency it doesn’t make sense. Do it well and you shall have your own Empire State Building.

The main reason why we hurry in our actions, without being mindful of whether the task is being done well, is that we want everything now. We have lost our patience and have forgotten to wait for the seed to organically and bear fruits in time – instead, we just try every fertilizer on the market to force its growth as soon as possible.

Fear not.
Go on with your work steadily, perseveringly, and efficiently to the best of your ability without heed to opposing or hurtful circumstances.

And always remember that as long as you have a beating heart in you, you have something to be grateful for. The circumstances don’t matter only your present consciousness does. The oak needs its own time to grow, be grateful that you are an oak not just any seasonal plant.

Do less if you need to but do them well. That is the habit of excellence.
Often we are easily distracted and we tend to spend a lot of time doing things that are actually unnecessary thus filling up our schedule with busy work. It is easy to get distracted. It happens to everyone. But we also have the power to detect our tiniest diversions and remain focussed on doing the work at hand efficiently and to the best of our ability.

Every act is in itself a success or a failure. And the strokes of these tiny successes eventually paint the larger picture of your achievement in life. Don’t worry about the big results in the future. Focus on your small daily triumphs and you will inevitably get to the center stage of your success.

Each action. Make it Complete.
And a thousand complete actions shall carve the road to success for you.