Living in the being

Wishing won’t make things happen for you. It is in the being (‘be’-ing) that you make steady progress towards your goals.

Be in that space of thought and feeling where you can experience your dreams. If you leave a big cardboard box with a 7-year old and notice what he does with it, you will see that he has actually turned that into his car or a space shuttle and he’s on his way to Mars. You will see him living in a different reality with wide-eyed wonder. He knows he is just playing but he is also actually living the experience. He is living in the being. He thinks, feels, and even acts like an astronaut in that moment. And thus his creative mind aids him with fruitful imagination. Ideas, solutions, and impossible plans and designs pop up in his head as he lives in that state. His creative power reaches full potential.

We could do that too when we were kids! Is it not?
But as we grow we get caught with up life and forget these powers that we have. We choose to follow logic and system more than our own hunches and visions (if we are even lucky enough to consistently encounter them).

It’s time to recall your imagination. Live in the being – now! In your mind choose to be the person who you intend to be, in the now. Play with your imagination. Feel it, see it, enjoy and cherish the moment. You know you’d just be playing out a vision in your mind, but when you’d actually live the experience magical things will happen. Your mind will come to your aid with solutions, ideas, and plans, to bring about the things that you see.

Your mind is a crazy piece of software that can download files as hunches and visions into your brain from the supercomputer called the ethereal infinite Universe. And the only thing that you have to do when you have inspired thought is to trust it.

It will lead you to the fortunes you seek in life.