Ask with your heart

Inner peace.

They  say that the world can be won by kindness and love. But do we actually follow that in practice? And how could we possibly show kindness or compassion when others are constantly trying to pull us down? How could we possibly show love when others are being disrespectful, inconsiderate, or outright cruel?


If only we realized how powerful we were. If only we knew our ability to feel good we’d ask no one to be different.

When you live with an open heart, the stream of life flows throughs you undisrupted. Great things happen in your life by just mere coincidence and you live with an air of optimism.

Kindness, compassion, and love opens your heart. The good energy you radiate with your heart affects all the things that surround you. It is when you live your life to the full, every day, with where you are, with what you have and who you are in the present – you unlock the gates of joy and abundance into your life.

Do not focus on the things that make you feel uneasy, frustrated, sad or angry. Such thoughts will only attract similar destructive thinking and soon it will turn into a mental habit. Instead, seek and ask for the good things in your life with extreme reverence and contentment in your prayer.

Seek inner peace, joy, and contentment first. Everything else just follows. You do not really want money and keep it locked in a vault. You actually want the feelings of security money gives you. You actually want the experiences you think money can buy.

So ask for these experiences, feelings, and things directly. And not indirectly asking for an amount of green paper that you think might solve all your problems.

And to do that, you must ask with an open heart.
Ask with a grateful attitude and in utmost reverence.
Think of yourself to be a infant asking her Father for a piece of toy. You need not do anything at all that frustrates you or causes you pain. The greatest joy of your Father is the joy He sees in you. Live your life to the full and he will grant you anything you ask for.

Your wishes sent our in reverent gratitude and pure playfulness will move your Father to bring about all things and circumstaces to pass if you just show Him how joyful you’d feel when you’d actually have your wishes fulfilled.

Therefore, feel the feelings of joy, abundance, love, security, and certainty. Seek inner peace, patience, and the ability to share your love. Do it in the now! Ask with an open heart. Ask with a patient and grateful mind.

And watch miracles happen in your life!