As You Do

Doesn’t it feel great when you realize you have all the power in the universe?

Many people believe that thoughts, feelings, and emotions are involuntary. They think thoughts and emotions basically run on autopilot and they come and go as they please -based on the events in the outer world.

But that is of course not true. Our thoughts and feelings are TOTALLY under our command. No other person can make you think what you don’t want to think, and thus they cannot influence what you feel. Yet most people give up their powers of thought and (emotional) expression to others. They allow others to influence what they think or feel.

Failure (in self-mastery) is when you allow others to influence how you feel. That is when they get power over you. They know which buttons to push and what makes you cringe.

For example, it is natural to feel bad, and even react violently, when someone insults you. Yet when you begin to see the greater truth in all things, you will know that the other person is actually expressing or acting on his/her own insecurities. As every negative thought or action is actually an expression of fear.

So in this situation, you can either react (that is, allow the insult to distort your thoughts and feelings) or you can choose not to react (that is you remain unaffected by what others say or do).

And when you allow external events to distort your thoughts and feelings, you naturally react and express in a similar manner.

But if you choose not to react, and just remain in control, observing the external events as they pass by and not letting others actions influence your feelings. No one can ever make you feel small or insulted. And thus your response or expression can not be negative or insulting.

You may have heard this a thousand times that your thoughts and feelings change your circumstances. And this is exactly how it works. Once you allow other to negatively influence you feel you react similarly and see corresponding circumstances in your reality.

Yet go to a monk and blurt out all the curse words you have ever known. Insult him from top to bottom, call out names on him, do anything you can to unsettle him, yet in the end you will realize you couldn’t even make the tiniest of a dent on his inner fortitude and calm. And I bet you will give up on your efforts when you see the futility of your actions.

Okay, the outside world will always be violent and harsh. But the degree to which you see them expressed in your own life depends on the way you think, feel and express yourself in this world.

If you feel insecure, your actions will reflect your thoughts and feelings of insecurity. And you will see them manifest in reality.
If you feel afraid (of failure, let’s say),  you will play it safe, your actions will reflect your thoughts and feelings of insecurity, and you will see corresponding results in your reality.

Therefore, today I urge you to stand guard of your feelings. Never even for a second allow anyone else to negatively influence how you feel. Because your feelings will eventually take expression in your actions.

Control and master your own thoughts and emotions, and no man on this earth can ever put a dent in your expressed reality. You manifest what you think and feel. So take charge of these powers that you blessed with. For you have ABSOLUTE control over them.


What are you afraid of?
Let no man make you think or feel small, defeated, insulted or insignificant.
Be fearless, think and feel what you want to. When you choose not to react your enemies lose power over you – and no man on this earth can ever put a dent in your expressed reality.

Kill them with kindness.
Shatter them with a smile.
And break their spirits with perfect laughter.

Think. Feel. As You do.