They Just Know

Asking questions and striving to figure out your own way is the beginning of any accomplishment, and your mind is perfectly capable of furnishing solutions to every unique problem that you may encounter. It can show you how. If used right, it can set out a clear blueprint for your next steps along your journey.

Some will take action, and some will just let fear and doubt win over them.
Of those who take action, many will quit in the face of failure.

Yet, it is in the knowing that will enable you to get to your dream.
And you will also enjoy the journey.

I have seen many people complain about all the things that could go wrong even before they start. They predict how the markets will fail them, how the competition is always going to be high, why they might not make it. They are ever approaching the future with doubt. They stay worried and don’t really seem to be driven by passion.
And yet there are others who even at the face of worst odds stand confidently by their goals and work tirelessly regardless of the outcome. There is a veil of calm in their attitude. And they keep pushing, keep trying, regardless of who laughs at them. They just know.

Failure is common to both these classes of men. One turns anxious, frustrated and doubtful – allowing their emotions to be played by the whims of circumstance.
While the other sees failures as new doors, quietly absorbing the lessons learnt to play stronger at the next test. For they just know they will get there.


And how do they just know?
From small successes.
By following through on everything they ever said they’d do.
By trying genuinely. By failing early – failing hundreds and thousands of times – and not being adversely affected by them. And by a conscious effort of thought to feed their minds with nothing but optimism.

Stop complaining. Settle your thoughts and observe.
The Universe will teach you the code to an effortless life.