You can’t afford not to

You have to spend every day of your life in joy.
You cannot afford not to.

If you want things to come into your life. You have to be living your life in a joyful high vibration. That is the easiest way to bring more into your life.

The predominant feeling you express throughout the day attracts more of the similar feelings into your space by giving you things and experiences that will help you express more of that feeling.

If you are holding good thoughts and brushing off of optimism and joy onto others only good things will come to you.

And the shortest path to joyful living is to give open-heartedly by letting go of your ego.
That will help you experience joy which is fulfilling.

Every day go out and give,
hope to the hopeless,
value to the devalued,
voice to the voiceless,
a path to the pathless,
power to the powerless,
an outlet to the offbeat muse,
possibility to the pent-up and pained,
validation to the square pegs in round holes,
community and belonging to those to feel lonely, outsiders, or misfits,
and love, joy, laughter, sympathy, respect and understanding to one and all.

(give paragraph above from Jonathan Fields)

You don’t need money – you just need an open heart.
The thing is when you begin living a life whereby you give more than you take – no one can stop you from receiving abundance in measures way more than you need.

The goal is to live every day with joy. Cause when you are living a life of joy – everyone is naturally attracted to your energy. And to be constantly in this state of joy it is vital that you remain happy, joyful, energetic and positive to the best of your ability by conscious effort.

Think good thoughts.
Focus on your highest ideals.
Because if you want good things to show up in your life, you’ll need to express joy!

You just can’t afford not to.
It’s easy, just give. You don’t need money – you need a heart.