Eternal Joy

When you notice all the beautiful things in your life right now and you express gratitude for it you are actually allowing the Universe to express itself through you. And thus the Universe naturally sustains the things in your life that you are grateful for, because you can serve as an outlet for the Universal expression.

Even when you do things out of joy you are actually serving as an outlet for the Universe to express and manifest joy. Whatever you are doing, the Universe is also doing through you. Like a father experiences joy through the joys of the child. And so does the Universe but in a much subtler way.

The more you express the good – joy, love, laughter, peace – the more good things come to you with mathematical certainty. Therefore, dwell in good thoughts. Seek to express gratitude wherever you are and as often as possible. The stream of goodness will come looking for you.

And when things begin to come into your life your faith grows by leaps and bounds.
Then once your faith is strong, you will be able to build bigger and realities into your life just by the power of your faith. Thus, faith can also be born of gratitude.

What’s the lesson here?
Stay thankful, joyful, calm, and blissful throughout the day.
It is possible. Just be immersed in gratitude in every situation.

A car cuts you off on the freeway?
Just be grateful that you have a car to drive.
Resist expressing anger. Instead express gratitude.

Feel overburned by your work?
Be grateful that you have a job.
Resist expressing frustration. Instead practice gratitude.

Because when you shift your mind from the frustrating and annoying aspects of everyday situations to the good things in your life – the unfavorable part slowly falls apart and more of the good things that you intentionally chose to focus on is sustained by the Universe.


So what is the secret to living every day in a pure state of joy?