Choose to Be Extraordinary

Choose to be who you aspire to be. Make a conscious decision and stick to it. Believe you can and you shall. That is the beginning of all great accomplishment: An idea of what we want to do, have and be and our choice to stand by it. We are the masters of our destiny, true; and the choices we make prove it. Stand by your vision and be honest to yourself regarding the choices you make, every day and every moment of your life, and you shall see your actions snowball into miracles. Make every choice count.

Every thought we choose to think, every word we choose to speak, every action we choose to take, matters in the grand scale of things. If you are overweight and you want to be fit, the thought that is likely to pop up on your mind when you see a well-muscled man will, on a subconscious level, define your future choices. You can either choose to think, ‘Nah! I’ll never have a physique like that!’ or you can choose to tell yourself, ‘I will have a good physique like him in a year or less! I will be the fittest person in my neighborhood.’ Whatever you tell yourself, the mental movie that plays in your mind (and sometimes the background music playing at the back of your mind too) will influence your thoughts and decisions in the future. Whatever you continually think, do or say influences your state of being. Now these small seemingly insignificant thoughts and actions will soon snowball over time and turn into established habits. Now you will react based on your habits, either in an I-will-never-have-a-physique-like-that way or I-will-be-the-fittest-person-in-my-neighborhood way. Thus, the daily choices we make over time will compound to yield great outcomes or none at all or sometimes terrible outcomes. Some people stay where they are, stuck in the ‘No-Man’s Land of Inaction’ but others either take steady actions that lead them to their goals or to their doom. What daily seemingly insignificant choices do you make that slowly and steadily is building you? What actions do you take that is making you a better person, a better father, a better wife, a better chef, a better salesman? And what bad habits do you have that you know is ripping you down, slowly over time? Choose to choose yourself; choose to be the Best You!


The power of daily choices is so simple that most people miss it, mainly because they don’t see immediate results. It’s sad. You can’t sow a seed today and expect fruits the next morning. You have to nurture it, protect it through storms, water it, and over time, it grows. It’s the same with your daily choices. Are you trying to quit smoking? So one fine day you just decide you will never smoke again and then you keep your word, for an entire hour before having second thoughts. Some do manage to stick to their resolutions for months or even a year, and only a handful manages to quit smoking at one go! (Sometimes it is more effective to alter habits at one go, especially when something life-changing happens in one’s life and a change becomes inevitable.) You can always choose to take the high plunge at the first attempt when it comes to changing habits. If it works for you, you’ll be the inspiration for those who dare not. But don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out, you still can get assured results through the power of daily choices. Are you still trying to quit but find it hard to let go? Start making small daily changes to your smoking routine, and over time, you can quit it completely, without counting on your will power but based entirely on habits. It’s hard, but it’s a certain guarantee.

Once you have the habits in place, and this might take some time (so hold on to your patience), you have to make sure your new (hopefully good!) habits are not being nullified by any means whatsoever. What I mean is just because you created a new habit of running for ten minutes every day (considering you want to lose some weight) doesn’t mean you should reward yourself with a double-chocolate raspberry ice cream right away. Beats the purpose, doesn’t it? So again, every single choice we make contributes to a future outcome, making it important for us to be mindful of our choices, and their immediate and delayed effects.

Next is the all-important aspect of rooting for the long run. There are no quick fixes. But I have heard of many burn-outs. I have seen many people, wanting to get richer, thinner, and more muscular, fail because they gave up too early. Some could not see immediate results; others just put in too much effort on one pedal of life and lost the balance (and fell). If you have a dream or a goal in mind, make sure you have the basic qualities like perseverance, patience, ability to break out of comfort zones, balance and gratitude, etc. But don’t worry, these are not like professional degrees from hot-shot-colleges that you frame to be hung on the wall. These qualities are already within us! Don’t believe me? Believe it! These qualities are gifted at birth and we tend to lose control of them as we grow into adults. Remember when you were just one year old? Of course you don’t (unless your parents have it on  video!). Remember how you learnt to walk? Did you persist? Did you break out of your comfort zone? Sitting down was quite safe (don’t you think?), why take the trouble of trying to walk? Were you afraid of trying? You could fall (and you probably did, more than once.) Did you balance?

If only our brains were matured at age one, we could have learnt a myriad of life lessons just by learning to walk. As I mentioned, the qualities that can catapult you, from the bounded world you perceive, to the heights of greatness is already within you. You just have to find a way to unleash it. And to unleash that you have to learn to balance your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and monetary needs. That is the first step to greatness. When all your needs are aligned and you feel abundant, you will not be able to notice anything lacking in your perfect life. You will find contentment. You will not be bothered about quick fixes either. Instead, you wouldn’t mind taking action over and over, towards your goal, without expectations, and soon your rewards will begin to take shape. Moreover, you will focus on giving. If you could ever meet Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, you should ask them what they got in return by giving away substantial quantities of their wealth. You can still find a way to ask Bill Gates or Warren Buffet.

Focus on aiming for the long run. Find balance and abhor quick fixes. Stick to daily choices, even when you cannot see immediate results. Be patient and persevere. Your choices build your habits. Your habits build your character. Choose to be the Best You, every day, because You are what you Choose To Be.