When Opportunities Come

Sometimes opportunities may come to you sooner than you expect.
And when it does it can be really scary.

You will obviously be surprised – but your brain might also not be able to register the new reality that you have brought about so soon. Thus, you will begin to sabotage yourself. Your insecurity will pour doubts in your mind and ask questions like what if you mess up from here on. Your inner fears and insecurities will come out and tell you that you’re not supposed to have this level of success. It will try to shatter your confidence and optimism, and will try to freeze you where you are – because intrinsically you are not sure if you can handle this.

Your insecurities and fears are challenged by this new reality and you are not ready to confront them. So the easy thing to do is to stay where you are, remain in your comfort zone, and soon you talk yourself out of taking action on the opportunities that you have attracted.

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?
Do you tend to sabotage yourself at the brink of success?

I will not pretend that it is easy to get over these states of self-doubt and faithlessness.
It is a tough place to be. But it is also an opportunity to confront your fears and push them to the wall. It is an opportunity to shatter your excuses and take a few leaps of faith. It is an opportunity for you to realize your greatness –  that not only are you deserving but you are also capable in the absolute.

That you are the infinite, that you can speak things into existence.

Do not be limited by your fears. Think bold. Live bold. Honor the opportunities that the universe brings upon your reality. And more importantly, take action.

Magical things happen when you take the leap outside your comfort zone in a conscious effort to battle your fears. Don’t be afraid to take risks. Life is an adventure, embrace it.
And when great opportunities fall upon your lap – believe in them.