What to do

A lot of people don’t know what to do with their lives.

Some people are even living scripted lives on auto mode without even realizing that they have a way out of their misery and do things that can actually make them come alive.

Yet the majority still choose to abide by the near-obsolete frameworks of society where work for work’s sake to earn just enough money to make a decent living is the norm.

If you are searching, if you are confused, if you are desperately trying new things – as is with many people (especially the young starting out in their lives) – you are obviously not alone. The key is to keep searching until you find your path. You will know when you do. You might have to go through shit, you might have to battle great odds but eventually, you will get there.

Focus on the present. Focus on the now.
Take a deep breath and cherish this moment as it is.

It’s easy to give in to emotions when things are tough. And when faced with a challenging situation, people tend to give in to the doubts and fears that root from their own insecurities and ignorance. The seemingly unpleasant circumstances may look scary but remember that you have the power deal with them with courage and decisive action.

Act in the moment. Don’t worry about the hows. Don’t give room to your anxiety. Don’t fret over the minutiae. Look deep within and seek the silence first. Seek total calm and control. Start with little things that make you happy and one thing will lead to another, and before you know it you will find your path. Many of the greatest inventions and accomplishments and landing upon great career paths by prominent legends came about merely by accident.

Yes, you are meant to do great things. Yes.
Let me repeat that once more, you really are meant to do great things.

But worrying about it and feeling miserable about your present circumstances will not do any good. Instead, take a break. Take time off. Seek the silence and calm your agitated and restless mind. And once you’ve done that, focus on the things that truly give you joy –  it will help you to build momentum to do bigger and better things with your time.

Your mind is like this water my friend.
When it is agitated it becomes difficult to see
but if you allow it to settle, the answer becomes clear.

~ from Kung Fu Panda

Take joy in this moment. Cherish it. And build momentum.
Good things will happen in your life. And joy will show you the way!



Build your destiny one day at a time.
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