En theos

Enthusiasm is the key to effortless achievement.

It blooms flowers which had drooped down.
It brings life back to dead ideas.
It attracts good people.
And basically, paves the way to greater things.

Enthusiasm comes from the Greek entheos (theos meaning ‘god’) which translates as ‘possessed by god, inspired’.

With enthusiasm, any task, however massive or arduous, becomes easy when engaged with enthusiasm. Difficulties and worries are dissolved, and things are accomplished almost effortlessly.

To be naturally enthusiastic is not a gift. It’s a choice.
Even though others may spend their days stressed out and unhappy, you can choose to be enthusiastic and happy all the time. And the fuel of enthusiasm is joy.

Life is beautiful. Life is so so beautiful.
But man is so lost trying to satisfy the needs of their false ego that they do not see it. Or even if they do, they hardly take the time to cherish it. They are constantly seeking things on the outside to fulfill themselves. They are preparing to tackle their fear, greed and anxiety by striving for paychecks, things, positions and job titles – which only alleviates their fear, greed and anxiety.

Thus, they live their live half-full always looking for the next big thing to satisfy them, instead of seeking out their true inner joy.

Where has your enthusiasm gone? Dig it out!
Seek the joy in the moment and live in the present. It is often easier said than done. But it only gets better with practice.

Put your hand over your heart. Feel it beat. Listen.
Now ask yourself, what makes it go faster? What are the things that excite you?
What are the things that actually bring you joy?

Choose joy and you shall land upon enthusiasm.
Seek, for enthusiasm is the key to effortless achievement.

En theos. He who is directed by God from within and he who is in God.
To be naturally enthusiastic is a choice. Choose the power of God to work from within.
And – Oh it shall work wonders for you.