See the Magic Happen

To dream is to see.
To see the things in truth just as a child sees great worlds only in his imagination.

Many people have a tough time trying to believe in their dreams or their ideals.
Granted that is somewhat hard to believe in something which we do not see in our present reality, yet we can actually use our power of imagination to awaken the power of faith – and then use it to bring amazing realities into our lives. Here’s how.

Usually, when people notice or think about the things they want to have, do, or be, they tend to combine their thoughts with mental commentary such as ‘Damn! I wish I could do/have/be that someday’ or ‘If only I had X Y or Z, I could surely do/have/be that’ or maybe ‘Oh! I could never afford that’ or ‘I am never going to’ – and that is where they lose ground in getting the things they want. This mental commentary attaches frustration, fruitless dissatisfaction, and regret to the very things they want in life.

But that is not the way you dream, imagine or simply think about things.
Ask a five year and she will tell you.

Your present circumstances may suck. It may be hurtful, soul-sucking.
But you cannot afford to be in such a state, right? So you think about all the things that you “deserve” but don’t have. You think about your ideal life but with frustration, because you cannot see how it is going to come about. And your background mental commentary of how things are at the present limits your vision, whereby you fail to see the opportunities which are actually placed right in front of you.

Dreaming is almost a lost art.
You dream with an accompanying release of hope.
And not of anxiety, impatience, or frustration.

You dream with joy in your heart.
And not with displeasure, uncertainty, or doubt.

Just for today think about the things you want in life, and notice the things you say to yourself in your own mind. Is your mental commentary positively reassuring? Do you feel good when you think about the things you’d like in your life? Well, I’d hope so!

Think of it like this, your sessions of imagination are actually momentary escapes from your present reality. Therefore, you might as well enjoy the time you spend dreaming about the things you want. And, believe it or not, in the process of vividly imagining the things you wish for – you actually reawaken your inner vision which enables you to spot the opportunities that will lead you to your dreams.

And sometimes opportunities just land on your lap out of nowhere. This is how powerful visualization can be. This is how you create your own luck.

From numerous experiences, great teachers from the ages have found that vivid imagination or visualization – along with a genuine release of positive emotions such as hope, joy, and love – is the fastest way to manifest a vision into reality.

And when you begin to see the results – of how powerful your imagination can be – your faith strengthens and ultimately becomes incorruptible.

Take a dip in the ocean of your biggest dreams, only in your imagination.
Simply enjoy dwelling in them. Genuinely cherish them with childlike innocence.
And see the magic happen!

You won’t believe how easily things will come about.