Work Within

The seed of happiness is within us.
It is not on the outside.

It is within.

The circumstances outside only reflect the chaos, doubt, and insecurity within. Therefore, to bring about pleasant effects on the outside we must set the cause for pleasant outcomes from within.

Often people try to counter the effects on the outside with other similar effects.
They try to counter hatred with more hatred, and anger with violence.

But that doesn’t actually do any good.
Only when we realize that the manifestation of hatred, anger, or violence in our reality is brought about by our own thoughts of doubt, insecurity, or fear, we begin to grasp the real cause of our suffering.

Therefore, a wise man (to craft his own destiny) begins by attempting to weed out the thoughts and actions rooting from doubt, fear, or insecurity. He understands that once the inner thought world is characterized by virtues of fearlessness and harmony – the outer objective world shall also project the same in reality. And life will be joyful and harmonious.

The seed of happiness is within.
Thus, all work must also be done within.

As within so without.