Feel Good

The more you feel good.
The more you shall attract people and circumstances that’ll help you feel good.
Therefore, seek the genuine joy in your daily life. Be grateful for the things that make up your life and take pleasure in the little things.

Do more of what brings you joy.
Do more of the things that help you feel good.

But mind you, I do not imply that you should take comfort in drugs, or too much alcohol to help you feel good. Even though you may feel good temporarily, it is actually not genuine joy, it is sort of an escapism. Therefore, the next time you feel miserable don’t sit down with a bowl of ice cream seeking comfort from food, and feeling bad about it later.

Such actions only delay the pain and they amplify the misery you’re already going through. Instead, sit still for some time and allow your thoughts to settle. It is natural to seek external comfort to get out of the miserable state but I urge you to delay your immediate gratification and deal with your misery fair and square.

Be still.
Your thoughts will run wild.
You may feel like you’ve screwed up way too much to even consider a fix.
Yet I’d urge to seek the silence.
I’d urge you to be still.
I’d urge you to just try.

If you are just beginning this practice of seeking stillness it might be difficult for you to quiet the mind at first but with practice you will soon be able to quiet the mind at will even after immense psychological upheaval.

Being still is only the first step.
The next step being focus.

Once you are in the state of calm focus your thoughts on the things you’d want in your life. Just do it under playful pretence. Like, How cool would it be if I had a private jet? How amazing would my life be if I had a couple million dollars?

Dwell on the things that’ll help you feel joyful.
Dwell on the things that’ll get your heart racing. Feel good?


Now hold on to that feeling as long as you can. This is the genuine release of good feeling that you should be after – not  momentary pleasures. This is what will get you what you earnestly want.

Therefore, dwell upon them as much as you can and as often as you can, and release the good feelings of joy, abundance, love, prosperity and bliss.

Just do it playfully – out of childlike innocence. Trust me, it beats taking comfort on junk food or drinking entire bottles of alcohol to feel good, which does make you feel miserable afterwards anyway. 

Be still.
Think good thoughts.
Vividly imagine if you can.
Focus on the feeing it generates.

And soon your everyday will attract great goodness into your reality.