Life As Your Playground

The laws of the Universe are simple.
But they are sometimes difficult to implement and practice.

Yet if you persist, it gets easier with time.

Life is meant to be a playground where every day is meant to be a gift. But we are so burdened by the baggage of our past and the anxieties of our future that we rarely enjoy this present moment to the full.

Sometimes we can’t help it. Our parents, friends, peers, society as a whole, expect us to make good of ourselves – doing the things that they think will yield success or doing the things that are deemed safe. Life is more often seen as struggle than a gift. We try to fit in, to conform to the norm, lest we be the outcast. And soon life hits hard and we are lost in an endless pattern of eat-sleep-work cycle, with a two-week paid vacation (if lucky). We don’t have the time to dream, we don’t have the time to look outside our lives. We are too busy putting out fires of our past and preparing for the uncertainties of the future that we forget to live the present.

Does that sound like you?
Then it’s time to take a pause and reconnect with your true self.

The greatest, most badass version of You is ever seeking to express itself. All you have to do is seek love in your actions, to find the things that bring you true joy. And then keep doing more of these things. In time, you will reawaken the pure joy and youthful energy dormant with you. You will begin to see the triumph in every day. You will begin to take delight in life’s little pleasures. You will begin to see fulfillment in your life through the work you do. And all of a sudden work will become play and your life – an adventure.

Life is meant to be a playground where every day is meant to be a gift.
With each new Sun, you are blessed with a wonderful gift bearing infinite possibilities.

It’s easy.
It’s so effortless and easy.
Don’t let your fears, doubts, and insecurities stop you.

Go out and play.