Story: The Coconut Shell

Once there was a baby frog which lived under a coconut shell on a beautiful beach.
He was born under this coconut shell and had never seen the world outside.

Often the baby frog would hear amazing sounds of waves crashing and birds chirping, yet he didn’t know what they were. He never really thought of trying to go out of his safe coconut shell which had everything he would need to survive.

You see, there was plenty of delicious coconut meat stuck on the coconut. And there were a few rocks and lots of sand for the baby frog to play around under the coconut.

It was a perfect home for the baby frog. He didn’t really have to look for bugs or other insects for his meals.The food was readily available to him and he could spend the rest of the day just playing around or doing whatever he liked. Plus the coconut shell, he thought, protected him from dangers on the outside world.

A few months passed, and the coconut meat was nearly over. Suddenly the baby frog realized that if he did not escape from the coconut shell he would starve and die. So he started bumping into the walls of the coconut shell, but he could not break through the shell or even topple it. Days passed when the baby frog finally thought of digging deep from within – and not focus on the shell outside. He began shifting the sand from beneath attempting to make a tunnel from under the coconut shell to the world outside.

And finally, he made it.

For the first time in his life, he saw the world outside. The beautiful blue skies. The sunshine. The tall coconut trees swaying in the wind. The waves crashing. The birds chirping. Many many crabs, bugs, and turtles. All of it. He couldn’t believe his eyes. His wonder knew no bounds.

He started hopping all over the place. And his life became an adventure.
Suddenly, he was free.



Are you stuck under a coconut shell?
So many people in this world are living their lives under their own coconut shells. They hear the waves crashing and the birds chirping but they do not give a second thought to breaking out of their comfort zones. Life is a great adventure. And every soul on this planet is a miracle. Seek and dig within to find a way to limitless joy and great abundance. You must. Lest you starve your free spirit of the great wonders of life.