Think. Act. Be.

Our destiny is totally under our control.

Every thought we think and every action we take, manifests for better or for worse in our lives. We must, therefore, be aware of our own thoughts and actions and direct them wisely and decisively.

Every day we have the opportunity to think 60,000 new thoughts. We can think thoughts of harmony, joy, focus, prosperity, health, and happiness. We can inspire new courses of action rooting from these pleasant thoughts. We can change the course of our lives.

Yet somehow we fail to do so. We remain stuck in our old habits of thinking. We dwell on the misfortunes in the past and worry upon the anxieties of the future. Our thoughts, rather than being characterized by harmony and poise, are instead sketched by fears and doubts. And that is what manifests in our actions, and thus our reality.

Consequently, life keeps reflecting the same things over and over again.
And you wonder why. Why me?

Take full responsibility of your present reality. Admit that your own thoughts and actions have brought you where you are in life. Excuses are just that – a way to escape your faults.
You and you alone are responsible.

The next time you find yourself in an unpleasant situation, take some time to reflect. Hit the pause button and try to understand why you were dealt such a bend in the path of your life. Notice how your own thoughts influenced your actions. Notice how your actions ultimately led to where you are at the moment.

Grieve not on the situation then. Stand back up again and brush yourself off. Because the good news is that you change your life; yes, you can change the course of your life for the better with just your thoughts.

Think beautiful thoughts and your actions shall reflect the appreciation of beauty.
Think harmonious thoughts and your actions shall reflect the spirit of harmony.
Think thoughts of abundance and your actions shall be characterized by generosity.
Think thoughts of love and your life shall become the mark of Highness.

You can direct your own destiny.
All you have to do is harness the power of your own thoughts.