Dissolve the Ego

Amazing things happen when you let go off your ego.

Not by submitting to other egoists and giving up your power but by dissolving the ego between you with the aid of your own personality, by providing value first to the other person, may it be with a smile, your sense of humor, your resources or just your presence. Seek to dissolve the ego and  the other person is guaranteed to open up to you like a flower.

Build great relationships as you go. And repair the old and broken ones that you’ve almost left behind. There is always hope. It is essential that you learn to fix your broken relationships. For if you do not learn how to repair them on a healthy note, you are also probably going to fail to hold on to new relationships in the future when things get uncomfortable or shaky. Dissolve the ego.

And trust me, with every new relationship that you build or fix on healthy foundations you unlock numerous doors to new bounties. Dissolve the ego. To provide value first in whatever way you can and without expectations.

The Universe works through you. As it does with every person you know. You are the channel of the Universe. And so is every other person you know. Therefore, you may receive what you yearn for through opportunities – which are often brought to you by the aid of other people. And the more relationships you nurture (not in any selfish way but on healthy foundations) by genuinely caring and providing value to them, the more doors of opportunity you open for yourself.

You email a friend after a long time, he just casually tells you about this new website and you sign up for the newsletter. Soon, you get a newsletter from this website which links to a giveaway contest for a brand new gadget which you’d been wanting for a long time. You enter the contest but don’t win the gadget. But since you were among the first ten to enter the contest they just choose to publicly give you a 40% discount voucher anyway (maybe to promote more/faster signups for their next contest or whatever).

Let the universe work through others to bring you what you ask for. But for that, you must also strive to selflessly provide value to others. And new channels will open for you.
But there’s catch this one catch, you must do it selflessly, you must do it without expectations.

You can’t just email your friend while expecting something magical to happen. You probably might not even visit the website your friend talks about – if all you are thinking about throughout the length of your conversation is getting something out of it.

You must act selflessly, you must do without expectations.And the easiest way to do something for others without harboring expectations is to do out of love. That is the easiest way.

Practice love.
It doesn’t happen that easy, or fast, thus the word practice.
Build great relationships as you go. And repair the old and broken ones that you’ve almost left behind. Provide value first. Dissolve the ego and practice love.

To be able to serve others is to be able to serve yourself.


Takeaways from this post:
Practice love.
Serve others selflessly.
Give without expectations.
And open the doors to (greater) abundance.