Let the Fire Burn

When you set out to do something big, something impossible, it is only natural that others won’t believe in you. They’ll use their reason to think about your dreams and not once utilize their hearts to see it in the full.

But you will.
You will see the entirety of it.
You will the see all the details.
You will see the struggle and the eventual applause.
And it will be worth it.

Don’t be disheartened by the current appearances in your reality.
It may not seem to be so but you are actually being directed by the Divine. You are slowly being steered to your greatness. And you can’t help but move towards your dreams with every good thought that you release.

Thoughts are the building blocks of your life, so choose them well and be dazzled by what the Universe does for you. Think big. Dream big. And go for it with all your faith. And even then you will most certainly go through a lot. You might lose friends, you might lose the support of your family, you might lose even more – but that is only the test of how far can you go to see your dreams come true, the test to see how much you can endure.

You heart might break.
Your body might tire out.
You eyes might beg of you to allow some rest.
But will you stop?

How bad do you want it?
The fire inside you burns. It seeks to express the magnificence in you. But to do that it needs your full cooperation and complete surrender. It’ll ask you to work hard, day in and day out, without the slightest expectation of rewards. It’ll ask you to commit. It’ll ask you to endure through the lone days of pain. It’ll ask you to sacrifice more that is required. It’ll ask you to risk more than is necessary. But in the end, this fire shall bring you to the Gods.

You shall be fearless, strong, incorruptible, and most importantly – free.