You Are Weird

You are weird, right?

Maybe you are different from the rest. Maybe you are the problem kid.
But that doesn’t mean you are not valuable.
That doesn’t mean you are not worthy.

You are a unique fu*king piece of shit. Own that fact.
You are rare. You are that which makes the world want to change to You.
Because being You is just so awesome.

But you may have zero self-confidence right now. You could be feeling low for eternity.
Maybe you are afraid of expressing yourself. Maybe you are conditioned to seek validation and conformity. Yet, that is not your fault and I know that.

You are rare and unique. Please understand that. That is what makes you special.
Maybe they make fun of you, maybe they tease you or call you names. Maybe they even bully you. But deep down you know you are different from all the others.

It’s time to spread your wings.
Be brave enough to express your own true authentic self. Do it.
Do it with enough confidence so that no one can stand in judgement of it.

You’ve had enough. You know that.
They are going to criticise you no matter what. They are going to make you feel insecure about a hundred things, even though you never were before.

Then why not take a chance at flooring everyone with your awesomeness?
Shine so bright and so confident that everyone else will be compelled to reconfigure their mental models to make a place for your uniqueness in their reality. Shine so bright expressing your own unique authentic self that even the haters and the naysayers will turn into your biggest fans.

What are you afraid of?
Stop feeling insecure.
Stop worrying about what others might think.

You got a voice – go out and express yourself. Shine.
Walk through the failure. Dash through the criticism.
They do not matter, at all.

The mob is always fickle. Don’t trust what they say.
Love yourself enough to not be moved by other’s doubts and jealousies.
Persist and everything will be yours for the taking.

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you.
Then they hate you and fight you. And then you win them over.

You got a voice – go out and express yourself.
You are rare, you are unique. You are meant to be different.
Never hide. Walk out into the bright and claim your greatness.

Start small if you have to.
The Universe is dying to express itself – through you.
If only you’d just help yourself a little. Wonders shall come to pass.

You are ready.
There is nothing to fear, especially not your doubts or insecurities.
Embrace yourself and dare to be different.
And people will love you for that.
Dare. Dare to express.

The Universe awaits.